Death to All Leeches!

So, I’ve finally got around to doing something about the massive amount of leeches I have. I’ve made a Memrise course of some of my most often confused kanji and I thought it might be useful for some other people as well.

This is not supposed to be used like a normal course, however. Most levels contain only a very few items and my plan is to throw the SRS out the window and use this purely for comparison between the items. Of course, anyone can use it however they want, but how I plan to use it is like this:

  • Ignore Memrise’s schedule and force reviews at any time
  • Never review the whole course at once - always review only one level at a time
  • Only use the app to avoid the website’s countdown clock
  • Ignore / cover the lower half of the screen to hide multiple choice answers - try to remember like you would on WK

These are my (so far incomplete) personal leech kanji and everybody’s list is likely to be different (if anyone would like to be added as a contributor, I’d be happy to do that). Like I said though, there is no point in using this as a normal SRS course - it only works by picking and choosing the items you’re having specific trouble with and drilling them with no reference to timings or caring about right / wrong answers.

Hope it’s useful for someone.

Edit: Apologies to anyone who clicked on the thread title because they thought it was a party political broadcast from the Conservatives.


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