Daily Progress

Day 7 - First big lesson since starting WK again. Here we go!

Day 7 - hopefully I can get past lvl 2. Making good progress though.

Day 6 - Power screwed me up today, but its alright cause getting answers wrong comes with the territory. Till the next lesson

Day 5 - I think I am going to accept the fact that I’ll make mistakes along the way. The one thing i can do is not making the same mistake over and over again. on to the next <3


Day 4 - I thought i was getting better but got hit with Above and below. welp, better luck next time.
Day 4 - Getting better with vocab, radicals taunting me as it gets combined with Kanji… I don’t know what vocabs will do to my memory.

Day 3 - Vocab was just activated, can’t wait to get more in my toolkit

Day 3 - finally reached guru for all but one radical. We making moves.

Day 2 progress - thought ground was stick, I think I was moving too fast.


You’ve already learned all the radicals for level 1? :scream: That was fast!
Great job! :smile:

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Good job, you!

Did you mean updating this thread or posting several ones?

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THANK U! I’ve learned this before as I spent a fair amount of time in Japan, but learning them with context is key for me. So far everything that I’ve learned was out of context memorization so I’m doing a restart in my learning plan.

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Yes yes and thank you, I’ll be updating this thread going forward

I’m a noob with community forums lol

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I only asked cause it reminded me of this which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Looking forward to your updates!


Yes I’m accountability driven so if I make myself share, then I’m obligated to update the community. That way everyone can let me know when I’m slacking or help if I ever lose my way.

How far along are you?


I can’t really say cause I’ve been studying on and off for years now. I can tell you that this community is great for staying motivated, though.

Help will always be given at WaniKani to those who ask for it.

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Hello and welcome. I’m not really good with forums either, so I usually never post on them, but now that you’ve mentioned accountability, that actually seems like a great idea to just make a post like this. At the moment, I’ve done what I can to force my brain to dedicate itself. Mostly just putting Wanikani into a specific time slot. (Right now, every morning.)

I hope you’re as successful with this as I’ve been with my 11 levels so far. Apparently we’re waiting to have cake or something at the end of the 60 levels.



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I wish you well! I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and appreciate the keeping me honest.

Thank you for the warm welcome

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