CSS for the Dashboard Widits?

I am trying to design a dashboard for my class project, and I am trying to mimic the gradient you see in the purple, light blue and hot pink rows you find in the “NEW UNLOCKS IN THE LAST 30 DAYS”. Anyone savvy enough to know the CSS to achieve that particular and very sexy color gradient? 

I am trying to do a red that would fit within the WaniKani color scheme if they used it. 

If you just want to know the CSS WK uses, why not copy the CSS on the WK page?

Edit: To know how I got this, read rfindley’s post below.


In Chrome or Firefox, you can right-click on any page element, and select “Inspect” from the popup menu.  This should bring up the html and css, and highlight the corresponding element and the css rules that apply to it.
However, sometimes the CSS you are looking for is actually on the parent or child element of the one that you 'inspect’ed, so you may need to navigate up or down the heirarchy of the html until you find the CSS rule you are looking for.

Try a google search for “css gradient”. You can apply it to any element in a CSS3-compliant browser