Crystal Hunters: natural Japanese version and more!

There were a lot of really enthusiastic people commenting that they wanted our manga to have more natural Japanese in it. Well, ask and ye shall receive! Here is the natural version of our manga!
Natural Japanese Version

Since it’s in natural Japanese, it doesn’t really fit into a JLPT category, but it’s roughly N4-N3 with a few words you’ll need a dictionary for. It’s a nice intermediate step in between the beginner stuff and regular manga.

Other updates:
We have a Patreon now! So if you’d like to support us, or if you want to know how we’re making the manga or about the manga publishing scene in Japan, please stop by!
Crystal Hunters Patreon

We also have downloadable versions, and you can get us in ebook form on Amazon!
Easy version & Natural version.

Next, we now have a free guide to learn and understand our easy Japanese version in Spanish for all you native Spanish speakers out there!
Guía de Japonés en Español: Capítulos 1 - 3

Our next release is going to be Chapters 4-5 (over 100 pages!) and it will be coming this year July-ish for both the easy and natural Japanese versions of the manga. For specifics on that, and all other updates, please visit our website. We’ll be posting things there as soon as we know:

Thank you all for being awesome! We’ll try to keep the manga going for as long as we can!

-The Crystal Hunters team


Ah yeah. That one comes across a whole lot better.


We’re happy you liked it :slight_smile:

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I think this could have passed as the original rendition. Much better and more realistic to how Japanese manga text looks. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a manga for absolute beginners, like what the speech in the original CH was trying to do. I admire how your team took criticism well. Wishing you good luck with this project.


Thanks! We’ll try to keep the quality high!