Crystal Hunters: A manga for learning Japanese - Book 2 free until Sept 14!

Hey everyone, we’re the Crystal Hunters team, and we’re making a manga in really easy Japanese.

You only need to know 87 Japanese words and particles to read the first 100+ page book, and you only need to know 20 more to read the second 100+ page book we just released. We also made free guides which help you read the whole manga from knowing zero Japanese. The guides and the first book will always be free to read, and the second book is free until September 14th (but will continue to be free if you have kindle unlimited).

Crystal Hunters Book 1 & Japanese guide

Crystal Hunters Book 2 & Japanese guide

We also have a natural Japanese version (1 & 2), and an easy English version (1 & 2) you can use for translation. Just like the easy Japanese version, book 1 for these will always be free to read, and book 2 is free until September 14th.

Crystal Hunters is made by a team of 3 teachers in Japan and a pro manga artist. Please let us know what you think about our manga!