Cringe Study Log

January 22, 2021

For reasons mentioned in Taking a Break from WaniKani, I ended up not having much time for studying Japanese at all.

I’m creating this study log to stay on track at least somewhat. I don’t really have deadlines in mind or anything of the sort, but I’d like to revise the kanji up to the current WK level first (21), and generally slowly consolidate everything before moving further ahead.

The format this log will be using is as follows:

  • Day
  • Category (Kanji/Vocab/Grammar)
  • All thoughts going through my head for each element I’m going through
  • [Optionally] Short term plans

Hopefully going through my study log will also give people insight into the inner workings of the Japanese language as my investigations into how and why something works the way it does tend to be thorough.


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