Counter help! 二つ or 二枚?

Curious to see if anyone might know – I’m writing to a previous professor for a letter of recommendation (推薦状), and in the conversation I’m specifying how I need two of them total. But would a letter of recommendation use the general counter for two (つ), or the counter for flat things (まい)?

A letter would be flat in my mind, and I know paper items fall into the まい usage. But it’s also not a physical letter – it’ll be electronic. So does that change the counter?

I just wanted to see if anyone might have experience with this, or else get some opinions. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

通 (つう) maybe? It’s the counter for all kinds of mail, email, and official papers


Oooh, I didn’t even know that one. Oof. Counters are so tricky :sob:

350 Japanese Counters Grouped by How Useful They Are There’s this gigantic list from tofugu, this one is on it


Good resource, thank you! I was hoping someone might have some previous experience with the counters, but the more info I have the better.

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