Review summary contains some correct items as both correct and incorrect

This is the first time I’ve seen this happen, but it might not be unique. I did 57 reviews and got 56 of the items correct. The review screen showed that I got 17 incorrect and 56 correct. 16 of the items were marked both correct and incorrect. This just appears to be a problem with the review screen, as those 16 items appear to have increased SRS level appropriately.

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Ah, this is like what @jackiechan posted in the WK screenshots thread.

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Oops, I didn’t check there… I just looked here in the bugs thread. Thanks!

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No, no, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was just tagging jackiechan so they could see that they weren’t the only ones having the issue. Your post belongs here. :+1:

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Same thing just happened to me.

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I did my reviews and for a good amount of answers I got correct it said that I did them wrong. Upon completing all of them I looked at the overview and they were put in both correct and incorrect. I probably scored about 27/30ish but the end result was 69%. I can’t tell yet whether or not it will actually send them back to apprentice level.

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I just had the same issue happen myself. Two other friends who also do WaniKani confirmed they saw ti as well.

This same issue has happened to me a few times today as well.

This just happened to me as well, I’m guessing it’s a recent bug. I noticed the two it marked incorrect where the two I got wrong on the last review, so maybe it’s showing ones you got wrong/right in your last review in your current review?

For me it tends to stack review results, but with this bug it will show a good portion of my answers that I got right in both the correct and incorrect categories - at the same time.

Yeah, sorry I wasn’t very clear with my reply XD I got stacked results, but what I meant was the two things it decided to stack were things I got wrong on the last review, but right this time round, everything else was either not yet reviewed or I’d got right last time and it didn’t stack them.

Just came to the forums in order to ask about this! Glad I’m not alone. I was horrified to see a 75%, as I’ve never had a review below 89% before. Then I noticed the several kanji and vocab marked as incorrect when I KNEW I’d just gotten them right, then saw them under correct as well. We definitely have a bug on our hands. Thankfully it’s minor, since it just seems to be the lesson summary stacking sessions. It’s not like it actually reduced the accuracy stats on our content (I think).

FYI, when this also happened to me very recently (Review summary contains some correct items as both correct and incorrect) it was showing both correct/incorrect for some items that I had never gotten incorrect in previous reviews. This goes against the hypothesis that it is only showing items as correct/incorrect that were missed in previous reviews.

Same thing happening to me

Its a display issue. We are on it.


Yes, this is happening to me also. Bummer because I’m getting 100% on my reviews, but that’s not what’s showing in my summary!:disappointed:

Correct information should be displaying now


Confirmed fixed.

Thanks for the update! I was sending an e-mail with my screenshots because I hadn’t seen this thread. But it got fixed in the time it took me to get it sent lol. So there’s one e-mail you can clear out of the inbox! :slight_smile:

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