Answering correctly, still saying wrong answer

I recently got my first batch of Kanji, and when I go to enter the onyomi, even if they are correct, the screen will shake as if it is wrong, but then won’t let me do anything else. I am attaching an example of the Kanji for “person” or “nin.” I have redone the lesson many times now and sometimes it will recognize a correct answer, but most of the time it keeps saying I am wrong even though I have the right answer.

From the image, you’re trying to write “nin” in the meaning, that should go in the reading.

The meaning should be in english (“person”)


It is wrong. You don’t type in the reading when it’s asking for the meaning. Also, the meaning field doesn’t accept kana as input. It will shake if you do that, as in your case, as a sign to you that you are doing something wrong.


Woops! Didn’t realize it tests both meaning and reading. I’m good now. Thanks!


Good to hear. Good luck with your studies!

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