Convert Written sentences to Audio: Mass automation possible? Otherwise, database of Audio sentence (natively spoken) by JLPT?

I am trying to do something like, but with my database of sentences. I can read that with openpyxl

The code is roughly

import os
from pydub import AudioSegment

os.system('say -v alex -o goo1.wav --data-format=LEF32@22050 Hello World')
os.system('say -v kyoko -o goo2.wav --data-format=LEF32@22050 世界へようこそ〜')

voice = AudioSegment.from_wav('goo1.wav') + AudioSegment.silent(duration=1000) + AudioSegment.from_wav('goo2.wav')
voice.export('goog.wav', format='wav')
os.system('afplay goog.wav')

For non-Mac, you might try pyttsx3 or gTTS here – Speech Recognition in Python (Text to speech) - Python

It isn’t that hard to make poor-man’s Glossika.

Of course, an easier way in Anki is AwesomeTTS.