Conversational/Listening Learning

Wanikani is great for learning Kanji but I also need to develop conversational and listening skills.

I was thinking of audio files (mp3) that have phrases followed by their translations, but with gaps in between so you can practice them yourself. Does anyone know a good site where I might be able to get them from?

Or are the other resources that people might recommend?

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I usually recommend irodori textbook. It is designed to help foreigners in Japan to practice everyday life situations.

As for sentence mining: @magsl mentioned a nice side in their study log. Maybe it helps :slight_smile:


I know JapanesePod101 has some decent audio in their free podcasts. You can find them anywhere you get podcasts or check their website. Other than that, textbooks like Genki come with a CD that has listening practice like you mentioned, which can be found here: Audio Files.

However, personally I would recommend you consume native content to improve your listening. The best way I’ve found is just going onto Youtube and typing in something that you find interesting in Japanese and just watch that. If that’s too high level or you need something slower, there are plenty of resources aimed at children that use authentic and slow Japanese, but it’s easier to comprehend.

However you choose to continue, I wish you the best of luck!


There are actual listening practice books + media out there (like Speak Japanese!). But also online resources. You can find inspiration in the Listening practice thread, where I think this post might be similarish to what you hoped for:

Or perhaps Speechling might be up your alley? :eyes: Read more about it here:


Try italki or Asao for conversion practice

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Lots of info there, thanks!

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