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Of course a random internet person knows better than google. And better than wk staff even, cause even they told me they do use made up radicals when I asked.

Did you ask them if there are official radical names? Cause spoilers; There are not!
And look up, I used your trusted Google to answer your question.

The radical names on WK are not official, what WK refers to as “radicals” are closer to kanji components, but they are not official by any means. Most of them are either real radicals (sometimes with changed names), kanji, or common sub-components of kanji. Using the real radicals isn’t particularly useful for learning kanji, since they’re sometimes hard to use in mnemonics and recognizing the real main radical of a kanji isn’t always easy.

Each kanji only has one true radical, which is a different thing from how WK uses the term radical. Radicals are mostly used for indexing kanji in dictionaries, so they’re not terribly important to know. These radicals do not have official names, but they do have a set of common ways to refer to them, although each source will pick its own term, so the “names” you’ll see listed may vary from resource to resource.


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