Community Mnemonics

I thought I remember there being a thread like this, but I can’t find one that isn’t archived. So here goes.

Most agree that Kouichi has some inspired mnemonics, but a mnemonic that one comes up with oneself can often be (in my experience) an almost free pass to remembering it. So does anyone have any mnemonics they really like for certain words, but which aren’t official WK mnemonics?

I’ll start with something that stretches the definition of mnemonic: if it helps you remember, post it here! Don’t be put off by semantic debates as to what constitutes a mnemonic. :smiley:

I like fountain pens, and Nikko is a brand of popular dip pen nibs. 日光 (sunlight), is how Nikko is spelled (and pronounced) if you look it up on Anyone else love finding random connections like that?

Seems a bit counter intuitive to concede that the best way to remember the kanji is to create your own mnemonic, and then to solicit others for theirs, doesn’t it? Regardless, this is a fun idea, though I can’t remember any of mine off the top of my head.

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you got me! I pooped the party. but seriously, have fun!

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For 開 I always think of Link from the n64 game trying to get into hyrule at night, hoping for the gates to Open, but they are only open when it is light (like lanterns). With the reading I still use coyote but just imagine Link dying from the zombie creatures.

I have a couple. Generally speaking, the Charlie sheen mnemonics never stick for me. I’m not sure why but it’s a thing.