CLOSED [Survey] How satisfied are you with WaniKani?

Disclaimer: This survey and my thesis have NOT been sponsored by Tofugu and are purely my own work.

Hello all,

I am extremely nervous to post this, but I have a little favor to ask. I’m writing my thesis for WaniKani and my main objectives are to measure customer satisfaction and to determine what changes customers would like to see.

While this thesis will be published, your answers will remain completely anonymous. I will simply use the data collected here to answer my research questions and to bring more credibility to the work.

If you have any spare time in your hands, I would be very grateful if you could participate in my survey.

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Thank you so very much!

  • Nedeli

What exactly is the thesis for? Just curious why you chose WK as the subject.



As Ryouki said, some general information about your thesis work would probably make for a better pitch. :ok_hand:



Well, I’ve been using WK for a long time and think they are an amazing and successfull company. I think it’s not easy to succeed in the language learning market, especially for a programme concentrated on Japanese language as the market is becoming quite saturated.

I’m just interested in the language learning community in general and what companies need in order to succeed.


I’m delighted to participate. :grin:
looking forward to seeing the results if possible!
Best of luck on the thesis Nedeliさん

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Thank you so much! :smile:

I’m generally satisfied, but I think the mnemonics uses too many pop references and words specific to the USA. I’m also sick of how easily people today get’s offended by every single thing, and would prefer if they kept the “offensive” mnemonics instead of removing them as soon as people get triggered. Maybe hide them behind an age filter or something.


I’m taking the survey and would like to point out a small issue:

Under the question “How much time do you spend using WaniKani per day?” the choices start “0-1 hours”, “2-3 hours”… What about 1-2 hours? Seems like a significant gap.


Ok yes, that’s a mistake. Unfortunately, it’s too late to change it. I think so, at least. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yeah I definitely use Wanikani 1 - 2 hours per day, and wasn’t sure what to put for that question. I feel like that would be the typical answer for most people.


And I checked the survey so many times… :sob: Sorry about that!


Personally, I am extremely happy with WaniKani. Why ? Not really because of the application itself, I am even currently working on creating mine for personal use to add many features (reverse translation, adding vocab, doing it online… in order not to use too many apps like now). The app is really good and keeps getting better with ever more resources but not changing its core functionalities (indeed when YOU are in charge of adding content and not the user, it’s unbelievably long to do it), but the community is really extraordinary.

Usually I am not fond of forums and I tend to stay focus on the main track without looking around. But with such a community, you want to read topics, to participate (even if on that point it’s really rare for me to actually write something) because people are just like friends here. I don’t have a lot of experience to get to know why this forum in particular stands out, but here you go for my point of view :smile:


Very satisfying.

So far I’ve only encountered one little issue which I already addressed. I noticed for the Axe kanji it only accepted the spelling “Axe” but did not accept the American variant of the word, “Ax.” Since I was pretty sure WaniKani is directed at an American audience I was surprised that the American “Ax” was not accepted. They may have changed this now though, that was about a month ago.

The spellings and sometimes terminology are a little US-centric sometimes, but it’s not too difficult to work around. That’s probably the only beef I have, especially given how many third party addons there are to fix all the other minor annoyances (like cancelling inputs with too many typos, automatically skipping to the next word, etc).

Good luck with the thesis!

Thank you! :smile:

Did you know you can add a synonym? I should have burned 花見 a long time ago but I get it wrong a lot because I give the meaning as hanami, just like how I say 剣道 is kendo. So I asked them to add hanami and they told me to just add it myself.


Yeah I know I can add it. And I actually spell it “axe” normally too. My assumption was that everything on WK uses the American spelling so logically when I went to do it for the first time I typed “ax” assuming it was the American spelling but found out I should have just typed it the British/Canadian way.

The American spelling of axe is ax? I did not know this. Looks weird!


Generally quite satisfied so far. My main suggestion for improvement would be to also add English to Japanese vocab reviews. So show the english word, ask for the Japanese translation. This would greatly help users gain a more “active” knowledge of the laguage, while now it’s quite passive (eg you recognize the words and Kanji when you see them, but are not necessarily able to produce them yourselves).

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