CLOSED [Survey] How satisfied are you with WaniKani?

There are third-party websites made by WK users that cover this need. Like Kamesame and Kaniwani.

The self-study quiz script also allows for reviewing items both ways, or even just from an audio prompt.


Thank you, great to know!

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Americans spell it both ways for some reason. It’s like how they change the spelling of a lot of British-English words. But in this case it maybe didn’t catch on as well so Americans are divided on how to spell it and do both.

I actually don’t know the history on this…

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I write it “Axe” and I’ve been american my whole life. :stuck_out_tongue:


In England it’s still spelled ye olde axe


Well it sounds like you’re one of the good Americans. Not one of the “ax” spelling ones.


I only spell it like “ax” when I’m playing Scrabble!


Here are some more useful Scrabble words:

  • aa
  • qat
  • za

Is Wanikani working with the people behind KaniWani? because if not it is still missing in Wanikani. The fact that we use KaniWani shows that this is missing on Wanikani doesn’t it?

oh ho! :star_struck:
viet my new hero! and my family’s new enemy…


I love WaniKani. It is the best way for learning Kanji for me. I never managed to learn for a longer period without it.
I miss the functions KaniWani has (showing the english word and you have to type the japanese translation). It would be nice if that was included here.
Also as someone whose first language is not english I sometimes wish that it had versions in other languages. Learning another language in your second language can be a bit difficult even if you understand your second language well.

I like WK, but I feel like for the price, all of the features that the scripts offer should be in WK.

While the pop references don’t bother me (I’m from the US, but honestly I only use the WK descriptions when I can’t think of something myself) I do feel there are some inappropriate or unnecessary words being taught.

Hm, I feel you will have a strong bias toward positive opinions if you post here. People unhappy with the service won’t probably stick around.
I’d recommend making a second, identical survey, and posting it on the reddit “learn Japanese”. (Then you keep answer anonymous but you know if they are from the community or reddit).

Just one extra comment about the 0-1 hours range: it lumps together people who haven’t opened WK for the past two years and people studying 50 min a day. I feel you need a “I’m not using it right now/vacation mode” to distinguish between the two.


I was going to answer your poll but sadly you are using Google, and I don’t want anything to do with that company, much less giving them even more data.

Anyways I just want to say that I’m 10/10 satisfied with WK, there is literally nothing I can complain about the user experience or customer support.

Just wanted to add a little note here.
When I was in japan, there were many instances where I was like “I know this kanji, but I can’t remember”. Even if it was burned. When you are studying WK, you are fully concentrated on the task and you got time to think, but when you are out there and you are in a hurry for example it gets harder. This means that the SRS system is NOT perfect. This service portrays itself as a sufficient way to learn kanji, but it isn’t really. I mean they have the whole “learn 2000 kanji in less than a year” by using the srs alone.

Of course if you want to really learn them you have to practice outside WK, but that might be obvious to you, but not to everyone. I mean there is a reason why we have Kaniwani too or people doing reruns.

Nevertheless I’m thankful with the team because their well made software made me able to read many kanji out there that literally saved me a lot of trouble.


You could say that for any of the things that addons or third-party sites cover. I personally prefer they keep it as it is, because my own goals for the language cover more passive understanding than active production. If they ever add that functionality, I hope they make it opt-in rather than required, because I don’t have the energy to do twice the reviews.


I took the survey, and I found it pretty well-done.

My only complaint with Wanikani is that you have to pay past Level Three, which I can’t afford to do. I don’t want to be stuck at Level Three forever, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

But why, though? Considering they mentioned the amount of US-specific words, I would assume they aren’t a native speaker. Even if they were, nothing says the autocorrect function didn’t have a hiccup and added the apostrophe without them noticing.

Even if you do not agree with their opinion (which is obviously your right), attacking them on something unrelated isn’t helping at all :confused:


Thank you so much for the replies everyone!

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If you are talking about the flags, those are community flags, from users not mods.

(Not sure you will see this message, as I am starting to suspect you have blocked me :sweat_smile:)


First Amendment doesn’t protect you from the consequences of what you say. It, in part, limits the power of the US government to criminalize speech. Entities and individuals other than the US government are free (in some cases required) to police your speech when you are acting as their agent, or are expressing yourself in a medium under their control.

Trying to use the First Amendment as a shield when you think consequences are unfair is classy though. Stay classy.