Ciel’s AUDHD study log


Hello there! :hugs:

I just decided to make a study log here to keep me motivated once my hyperfocus on 日本語 disappears.

My main priority is to keep studying web development though, so this study log will be used to keep track on this too.

Bur rn my brain only wants to study japanese hhhhh.

Please note that I am a beginner on both fields, so I will take gratefully any advice.

PS : looking for some neuroqueer friends sharing similar goals / interests :rainbow_flag:🩷


:rainbow: Self introduction :rainbow:

I’m Ciel, which means “sky” in French.
I’m 28 and I live in the south of France.
My pronouns are he/him, they/them.

My life

Diagnosed ADHD with strong suspicions of ASD.
I have three adorable joyfriends and a 3 years old cat, Ness.
Am I currently studying to change carreers and become a web developper.


I’m a nerdy introverted person with thick glasses who really enjoys quiet and cosy environnements.
Books, lots of books. And that‘s cliche, but yes I love manga, especially seinen or a good yuri. And webtoons.
I also love computers and tablets.
And animals. ALL animals, but especially my cat. 🩷


I LOVE trying out new foods and cooking yummy vegan food for my friends and joyfriends.
Tbh my two main motivations to learn Japanese are 1) to be able to read menus on restaurants and food labels on the konbini, and
2) be able to read mangas. :rice_cracker:


I always enjoyed learning things, especially languages.
Thanks to my Spanish maternal family, I am fluent in castellano, and I learned English while reading an indecent amount of manga scans (French or Spanish translation were so slow).
I used to be fluent in Portuguese too, and also learnt a bit of Russian, moroccan darija, and Japanese.
At failed miserably at Japanese because of my lack of methodology and discipline. :jp:
Hopefully this time with the right tools it‘ll be different.


:sunny: Daily Tasks :sunny:

日本語 🇯🇵
  • WK reviews
  • Bunpro reviews
  • Ringo-Tan reviews
コーディング 🧑‍💻
  • Mimo courses
  • OpenClassroom courses


:books: Other resources :books:

日本語 🇯🇵
  • Jishou
  • Yonwa :star:
  • JA Sensei :star:
  • Learn natively :star:
  • Genki 1 :star:
  • Remembering kanjis (kinda meh so far) :-1:
  • Cure Dolly
コーディング 🧑‍💻
  • Freecodecamp web dev course
  • Openclassrooms Python for beginners course
  • The Odin Project
  • Mozilla Developer


  • クリスタルハンターズ (Crystal Hunters)


:dart: Goals for january 2024 :dart:

日本語 🇯🇵

:x: Completing bunpro JLPT5
:white_check_mark: WK level ~10-15 (reached level 13)

コーディング 🧑‍💻

:white_check_mark: Getting some certifications
:white_check_mark: Coding little projects
:white_check_mark: Getting into a web developer course recognized in France


:dart: Goals for january 2025 :dart:

日本語 🇯🇵
  • Completing bunpro N5 and N4 grammar decks
  • Completing bunpro N5 and N4 vocabulary decks
  • Finishing Genki 1 & 2
  • WK level 30
  • Be able to write 800 kanji
  • Passing JLPT4
  • Be able to slowly read and mostly understand easy manga aimed at kids (using a dictionnary)
コーディング 🧑‍💻
  • Getting my Openclassrooms web developper diploma
  • Getting into a bachelor in my city
  • Getting a month long unpaid internship
  • Getting a yearl long paid internship (alternance)

Hey! Hope you enjoy your studies. :man_dancing:

If you’re planning on continuing with WK, you won’t need to use Remembering the Kanji anymore, as they’re essentially the same thing. (Although WK teaches readings where RTK doesn’t, so is, in my opinion, superior)


Thank you for your kind words and advice :blush:

I agree with you about WK’SRS making a great job, but to be fair, Remembering the kanjis helped me to memorize more easily some kanjis though.

For example, it taught me that 月 radical can mean flesh in some cases, and it makes sense for the body vocabulary. And that 貝 radical means money sometimes, because shells used to me used as “coins” in ancient times.

However, I have a hard time to keep on reading without loosing my focus, that book is quite tedious. >.<
Maybe 10% of its content is useful when you use WK at the same time. (I might be totally wrong, as a total beginner who only read the first chapters).


TLDR : I do agree with you about WK’superiority, but there are a few interestings infos to extract from time to time in Remembering the kanji, if one’s brave enough to read that massive book.


It’s up to you! I think it will get confusing to use two different systems of mnemonics, though. If you’re not able to focus on reading the book, that might be a good sign that it’s not a study resource that works for you. No shame in dropping things that don’t work! You could always keep the book and come back to it later if you’re interested in some of the content.


Welcome! As a queer compsci major with some flavor of neurodiverse rattling around in my brain, it’s great to see your study log. :grin:

I don’t have any other resources off the top of my head, but my only advice for code would be to prioritize projects early - not to the exclusion of other courses, but most of what I remember from classes is honestly just things I looked up and taught myself along the way while finishing projects.


Hello fellow neurospicy person :blue_heart::rainbow_flag:

Thank you for the reminder, your advice is gold.

Projects did make me improve so much faster than lessons could!
I’m just reviewing some stuff since I’m rusty after a 3 weeks break.

And as soon as I feel more confident, I’ll work on my first OOP project :blush:


Hi from another beginner :hot_pepper: :rainbow_flag:, welcome! Best of luck with your studies :black_heart:


Hi there, and welcome to the study log keepers :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy your stay, and I hope this log will give you the motivation you need (I often loose track as well - which is really frustrating, because it keeps me from progressing; so I’m trying to keep a log as well :slight_smile: ). You’ve got some interesting resources I haven’t heard of, yet, so I’ll look them up, and see if I can “steal” any of them for my studies :smiley: Thanks for posting them.

May I ask two personal questions, regarding remarks you did?

I am totally new to that word - may I ask what it means (if it’s not offensive to ask this?).

This is just a suggestion - basically you can learn any language for your webdev backend, and Python is a totally fine language, loved by beginners for its ease and, there are some nice and popular frameworks for webdev with Python (Django, FastAPI, Flask); but in my experience, if you are planning to do this professionally, there is no way around Java (which also includes Kotlin and Scala), as it is still the most used language by enterprises - so the question that arises here: What is your goal? For personal projects use the one that you like most/that is easiest to use. For doing this as a profession, I’d try to get into the technologies most asked by employers (and this is really unfortunate, but also somewhat justified: Those are never the new, shiny and cool fads).

For a really nice overview I like the roadmap website: Do you know that one? There’s a suggested roadmap for fullstack, as well as a more detailed backend and frontend development.

I agree 100%. I also often make the mistake on focussing to much on tutorials - they are fine as a starting point, but techies tend to “get caught in tutorial paralysis”; you cannot start soon enough with your projects! And quite honestly, even when you become a professional, you’ll have some basics, sure. But a huge portion of the things you do, is building something new, that hasn’t been done yet, and where you won’t find a tutorial, and just learn as you go along. I believe this will never change :wink:


Awww thanks! Nice to meet you :blush:


Hello there :blush:
Nice to meet you! Thanks for you kind words.

Of course, please help yourself! You’re very welcome.
And after all, I discovered most of them thanks to the WK forum members, so it‘s nice to contribute too.

No offense, don’t worry.
Neuroqueer means a person that is both neurodivergent (neurospicy like I like to say lol) and LGBTQIAP+ :rainbow_flag:

Thanks for your feedback ;.;
So far I’m not interested at all in Java unfortunately.
I’m coding in either JS or Python (and ofc CSS + HTML).

I’m still unsure, but I think my middle term goal would be to get either a full-stack or back-end web developper job, since I don‘t enjoy front-end that much.

Fortunately, in France lots of companies are desperate to get a decent programmer, and lots of them are okay with either JS or Python.
I’ve learnt a little bit of Shell(love it) and PHP(hate it) out of curiosity too.

It seems like in the US it’s way more competitive?

Ohhhhh never heard of this website, thanks for the recommandation!
EDIT: LOVE IT, exactly what I needed!

Have a nice evening / day / afternoon :blue_heart:


Hello! Welcome to the forum! I’m always excited to see a new person starting a study log! :blush:


I’m an asexual lesbian and strongly suspect I have ADHD and/or autism, since I definitely experience special interests/hyperfixations :sweat_smile:. That’s how I ended up here, actually, because my current special interest is pro wrestling, particularly Japanese pro wrestling.

I have my own extremely wordy study log, which is like 1/4 Japanese language study and 3/4 rambling about queer pro wrestling storylines… But hey, it has gotten me this far!

So I’m not sure if we share any interests or not, haha, but I’m happy to have you in the community nonetheless! I hope you stick around!


Ohhhh nice to meet you!

I don’t know a thing about the japanese wrestling scene and tbh I used to think I hated pro wrestling.

But my cute butch joyfriend was gay panicking real hard for Rhea Riplay’s insta reels, so I watched it a little and loved it, the costumes, dialogues, fights are so entertaining.

So I must confess since then I follow Rhea Ripley and Dirty Dom on insta, and a few fan accounts too ahah.

So I’ll be happy to read your infodumping on the future :blush: You made me pretty curious about the Japanese pro wrestling scene.



:star::star: Level 4 Update :star::star::star:

It’s time to subscribe I guess :fire:

Today‘s tasks
  • WK reviews & lessons :white_check_mark:
  • Bunpro reviews :white_check_mark:
  • Mimo reviews :white_check_mark:
Additional tasks
  • Read the first 45 pages of クリスタルハンターズ (great, cheap and very entertaining resource for total beginners) on a row
    EDIT : finished the manga, loved it :blue_heart:
  • Succeeded on the first quizz of the Python OpenClassrooms Course
  • Still reviewing my OOP lessons, I’m so rusty :see_no_evil:

The log is making me motivated to reach my goals, so I can brag here lol. Hope this will last! Need more dopamine in my life. :laughing:


I was exactly the same, haha. Someone said that finding out I used to hate pro wrestling was the biggest plot twist in my level 60 thread. I went from hating it to being totally obsessed with it practically overnight, thanks to discovering pro wrestling’s greatest gay love story in 2019. The story is half in Japanese, half in English, with only limited translation (for both sides), so that’s why I started learning Japanese.

It took the Golden Lovers so long to get back together (there was a whole global pandemic keeping them geographically separated, and some messy company politics, and when those things finally weren’t obstacles anymore, they both got injured and then suffered a bunch of additional misfortune on top of that…), by the time they did, I’d reached level 60 in WaniKani and my Japanese was intermediate level, and I had taken over for the fan translation of a totally different Japanese pro wrestling company (Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, which is women’s wrestling), and I could actually read Kota Ibushi’s tweets on my own now :smiling_face_with_tear: (just in time for him to be mostly active in an American promotion instead, ahaha!).

Ah, yeah, Rhea Ripley… unfortunately I can never get behind her because she said the F slur on stream once and then gave a total non-apology for it… but I don’t blame people for finding her hot or her style compelling.

I’ve actually never watched WWE (for so many reasons), haha. I got into wrestling when All Elite Wrestling was just getting started in America, and the industry as a whole was undergoing dramatic change (for the better). I’ve followed AEW ever since, through all the highs and lows. It’s really been quite the trip.

For the most part, AEW is the only American wrestling I watch, though I watch some American indie stuff too, occasionally. Though AEW has a truly incredible amount of partnerships with Japanese promotions, so there’s quite a bit of crossover with a bunch of the Japanese wrestling that I watch.

That’s nice to hear, thank you! :blush:

2023 has in many ways sort of been a golden age of collaboration in the Japanese pro wrestling world. So it’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet if you’re someone like me and you’re already deeply invested, haha, but it’s probably a bit overwhelming to new fans. :sweat_smile:

If you’re really curious, I’ve written about a lot of stuff in my (perpetually behind) wrestling journal, and I try to always include enough context for things to make sense. There’s American and Mexican wrestling in there in addition to Japanese, though my bias is pretty clear, lol. A lot of this stuff also makes it into my study log, though my journal includes my favorite fan photos and the writing is a bit more polished.


It sounds amazing! By any chance, is the first part the one in English?

Oh no T.T I feel so disappointed that such a queer icon that received so much love from the LGBTQIAP+ community behaved like that.

Amazing thank you!!!



🩷 First Mastered Elements 🩷

It made me so happy!
Now I want to get my first Enlightened haha.

Daily Tasks

日本語 🇯🇵
  • WK reviews :white_check_mark:
  • Bunpro reviews :white_check_mark:
  • Subscribe to WK :x:
コンピューター 🧑‍💻
  • Mimo reviews :white_check_mark:
  • Second quizz on Python Openclassrooms lesson :x:
  • Openclassrooms assignments :x:


日本語 🇯🇵
  • Bunpro JLPT 5 : 51/126
  • Genki 1 Workbook : 31/356 | chapter 2/12
  • Genki 1 Texbook : 68/356 | chapter 2/12
コンピューター 🧑‍💻
  • Mimo JS Course : 13/16
  • OC Python Course : 41%

I changed the parameters on Bunpro so that I only had to learn one grammar point at a time instead of three.

Since I always takes lots of notes when I study a new grammar point, having to do 3 of them at a time was overwhelming.

Hopefully it will help!

EDIT : just did 2 bunpro new lessons.


congrats! Such a good feeling :partying_face: I think we’re in a similar place right now, I’m sure I’ll be following your updates closely and cheering you on as you surpass me


Awww thanks! Hello fellow ADHDer. I hope we’ll climb the levels together. :rainbow::hugs:

long digression about プロレス

Yeah, as far as I’m aware, Rhea has never self-identified as LGBTQ herself. She’s dating a man right now, which of course doesn’t mean she’s straight, but… I feel like if she was LGBTQ herself, she probably would’ve said that to get herself out of the backlash after the slur incident :sweat_smile:.

Thankfully there’s no shortage of butch women in pro wrestling, haha.

If only it were that simple, haha! There have been both English and Japanese parts basically all along, though the story started in a very unconventional Japanese company called DDT Pro Wrestling, so most of the early history is in Japanese. Basically, in 2008, Canadian nerd Kenny Omega found a DVD with DDT wrestler Kota Ibushi’s matches on it and it was almost quite literally love at first sight.

Despite never having met the man in his life, Kenny somehow knew that the two of them shared the same vision for wrestling, and he was like “I must fight Kota Ibushi.” So he issued a challenge, and DDT took him up on it and brought him in for a brief tour that summer, starting with a singles match with Kota. Their match ended up far surpassing everyone’s expectations (it won awards), and the two of them were immediately taken with each other. So DDT brought Kenny back for another tour in 2009, and the company wanted him and Kota to do a singles program, but they pushed instead for a tag team.

They could tell that they had something special, because somehow, they were physically so well-matched and so incredibly in sync, to the point where they have the same jump height and rotation speed. This earned them the nickname the “Golden Twins” (Kota Ibushi is called the Golden Star), and they were like “No no no. We’re the Golden Lovers”.

Kenny ended up moving to Japan to wrestle in DDT full-time, and over the course of his first few years there, he learned Japanese and became fluent. At the time, DDT had exactly one bilingual person on the roster, Michael Nakazawa, who would translate for Kenny (though Nak would comment that Kenny and Kota had an uncanny ability to understand each other even though they couldn’t speak each other’s language. Kenny said they communicated via “telepathy”).

So the Golden Lovers’ DDT years were mostly in Japanese, haha, with only incidental English. Things started to change, though, when Kota and Kenny both left DDT to go to New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is the top Japanese wrestling company in the world. NJPW’s coverage at the time was almost exclusively in Japanese, but starting around 2016, they started to get a lot more global interest, a lot of which was actually centered around Kenny (Kenny’s series of singles matches with Kazuchika Okada are considered by many to be the best pro wrestling matches of all time).

His character was part of the Bullet Club stable, which is sort of the “evil foreigner” faction (NJPW has tried to somewhat move away from that vibe with the faction, but the company has never fully escaped it, in my opinion. Kenny didn’t originally want to join it, but got sort of pigeonholed into that role when he entered the company, so he worked with it as best as he could).

As part of his Bullet Club persona, which was a heel character (a bad guy), Kenny stopped speaking Japanese (when he was in-character), so a lot of the stuff from this era, particularly his interviews and post-match comments and such, as well as Being The Elite, which was the vlog he started with his friends (and fellow Bullet Club members) the Young Bucks, was in English.

Official NJPW content would get subtitled in Japanese, but BTE wasn’t an official product, and they absolutely didn’t subtitle it, haha (they don’t even subtitle any Japanese parts in English). They received a bit of criticism for using BTE so heavily for storytelling during 2017 and 2018, because a lot of the Bullet Club faction drama (including the later Golden Lovers stuff) ended up on the vlog and not on official NJPW materials, which made parts of the story less accessible to portions of the fanbase.

Then, in 2019, Kenny left NJPW to help start All Elite Wrestling in America, and Kota stayed in NJPW :smiling_face_with_tear:. So for a few very long years, Kota’s side of the story in NJPW was in Japanese (thankfully now with a lot of English translation, though his tweets for the most part would remain untranslated except by fans, with one pretty notable exception, which Michael Nakazawa translated), and Kenny’s side of the story in AEW was in English (without much translation into Japanese, except by fans. Again with one pretty notable exception).

AEW and NJPW had a very complicated relationship at first. There were some, uh, hard feelings there because NJPW was bitter about losing Kenny to a sudden new competitor. But they did actually manage to work something out (largely thanks to Kenny), and by early 2021, the companies had a working relationship, so a Golden Lovers crossover storyline was back on the menu!

Unfortunately the timing didn’t work out, though, at first due to the pandemic making travel and other stuff hard, and then due to the wrestlers’ own health keeping them out of action. Then 2022 happened, and there were a good several months where I wasn’t sure the story would ever be continuing.

But here we are at last. It’s 2023, and the Golden Lovers are in the same company again, teaming up again :sob:. They’re both in AEW now (well, Kota sort of is. He’s not officially signed to the company, as far as we know, but he’s about to be in their biggest show yet, and clearly they have plans for him, his health permitting, which is unfortunately still not a guarantee…), so going forward, I expect most of the main story beats to be in English, with some extra stuff (like tweets and such) supplemented in Japanese. AEW also has much more Japanese support these days, so it’s a lot more accessible to Japanese fans.

What’s kind of amazing to me, though, is that AEW also managed to somehow swing a partnership with DDT (which is a competitor for NJPW), so the Golden Lovers’ matches on AEW this year so far are getting shown to DDT’s audience and NJPW’s audience as well as the AEW audience. All three of the companies that they’ve told various chapters of their story in get to see the current developments :smiling_face_with_tear:.

The Golden Lovers story is really their story. It doesn’t belong to any one company. The wrestlers have carried it with them wherever they’ve gone, and they’ve refused to ever let it die. They’ve carried it for over 15 real human years now. It’s honestly incredible to me. They fight so hard for it because it’s clearly deeply personally meaningful to them, and as a result, it’s one of the things that has quite literally shaped the entire fabric of the pro wrestling industry. Not only were they both major figures in the Japanese pro wrestling scene, but we wouldn’t even have AEW at all without the Golden Lovers.

Extremely long answer, haha, but basically the story is a mix of English and Japanese all the way through, and likely will always continue to be. The fandom just muddles through. We have fan translators on both sides trying to cover as much ground as we can, and a lot of it transcends language anyway. Pro wrestling is one of the weirdest, most beautiful mediums.

It’s impossible to find a single totally comprehensive story explainer at this point, because the story is so long and convoluted (15 real actual human years…), but I can link you to a few if you want a much more in-depth explanation of the actual story beats.

A note on most of these: the DDT portions of the story recaps (except for the overview of Kota Ibushi’s career linked at the end) are a bit oversimplified and lack quite a bit of nuance. Part of the reason is the language barrier, as well as the fact that those matches and interviews and such were a long time ago at this point, which means a lot of context has been lost, and a lot of the matches aren’t even available on Wrestle Universe (DDT’s streaming service) after they migrated to the new site. Supposedly the full back catalog will eventually get uploaded, but… it is not happening very fast. The NJPW portion is the most in-depth for most of these.

that one tweet thread about the Golden Lovers, annotated (this was the essay that was responsible for getting me into pro wrestling entirely)

A Body From the Balcony: The Devastating Erotics of Omega-Ibushi at Budokan Hall (an analysis of the Golden Lovers’ second singles match)

Stories That Are True To Our Hearts: Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi (general essay covering the story as a whole through 2018)

A Golden Lovers Timeline (a more in-depth summary of the story through 2018, with a lot of gifs of specific moments)

For more modern stuff, I don’t really have much else to link besides my own work, haha:

a gifset essay about Kenny and Kota’s parallel stories in 2020

a gifset essay about Kota Ibushi vs Jay White in NJPW on January 5, 2021, talking about how it sort of summed up the biggest hits from his entire NJPW career (including the Golden Lovers)

a gifset essay about the direct Kota Ibushi references in Kenny’s work from 2019 through 2021

For stuff that focuses primarily on the individual wrestlers, I can recommend:

Two Contracts, Two Belts, Two Wishes: The Story of a Golden Superstar (an essay on Kota Ibushi’s career up until his fateful injury in 2021)

And also Kenny’s documentary, Omegaman: A Wrestling Love Story, which I can’t link you to haha because it’s technically only available in Canada. It was made pre-AEW, so it focuses on stuff through 2018, but it’s probably the best video summary of the Golden Lovers story up to that point. As you can probably guess from the title, the Golden Lovers are the heavy focus of the film.

For primary sources (translations of Japanese material without official translations), the best archive of material is here. There’s a lot of early DDT stuff covered in here, as well as various interviews and other material over the years, including the very depressing series of tweets from Kota Ibushi over the labor exploitation incident in 2022 when NJPW tried to force him to come back to the ring before he’d healed (this is why he’s not in NJPW anymore).

I suppose I should warn you (now that I’ve dangled all the bait, haha) that following the Golden Lovers story in real time is not for the faint of heart. Pro wrestling is a really fragile medium in many ways, and the industry can be downright awful at times.

The wrestlers have chosen to make a lot of very real concessions and sacrifices for their art, and for their vision of what the medium can be. They’ve basically never once taken the normal and safe path, which means that things have never been exactly easy for them. They staked their careers on the Golden Lovers story in DDT, and then again in NJPW, and I suspect have done so in AEW as well, and if they were any less talented than they are, those companies would never have let them do it.

A lot of the recurring themes in the story echo things that happened in their real careers (when Kenny is asked about the story in interviews, he always calls it “a real story”). Like feelings of inadequacy and loneliness, and the wrestlers sometimes being forced to choose between coveted singles glory or their tag team relationship (here’s Kenny on why Kota didn’t come with him to AEW in 2019).

The characters and the real people who portray them are both flawed people, so it’s not perfect unproblematic LGBTQ representation, haha, but you have to admire their boldness and their commitment to telling a story like this in a medium like pro wrestling.


Thank you so much for this amazing infodump!!

I don’t have the spoons to make a long answer, but I read everything, googled the Golden Lovers and will definitely read some of the articles you kindly linked.

I find so moving they insist on the Golden Lovers being a TRUE story T.T
Especially in 2000‘s Japan, they were/are so brave.

And the dedication to their art, and Kenny moving continents to be able to challenge his “wrestling soulmate”. The special connection they had even when he didn‘t speak japanese, and his commitment to learn this hard language…
I can see why you have a special interest on them / japanese wrestling.
It’s beautiful.

Hopefully Kota’s health gets better!! :pleading_face: