Choose your own adventrue book in Japanese


Does anyone know a free CYOA book written in Japanese ? It does not have to be very good, I am just interested in the grammar used to tell the story such as : do sentences start with あなた ? Are verbs in ます or dictonary form ? …

I have found this thread that mentions one but it is a manga not ‘novel’.


It seems like books with きみならどうする? in their title align to what we would call Choose Your Own Adventure.

For instance this book.

On the left side, you can see two links to follow your choices.

There are probably more out there as well, this is just the first I found.

If you mean for the choices themselves, as you can see in the image, the answer to both is “no.” There’s no particular reason to specify a pronoun when it’s obvious the reader will make the choice. The preceding line does say きみの答えは? So that does use a pronoun.

There’s also no need for the book to present the choices to you politely, because these are just neutral descriptions of the choices.


Thank you very much for this.

I just realized you said “free.” Sorry I missed that before.

That’s ok. I have two full pages to get a feel of the writing. That’s more than enough for it.

I have a plan to write a story that would contain all N5 words and only N5 words. I heard for the first time about homestuck a few days a go and I think this kind of story telling would be perfect for that since it allows very short sentences and simple grammar. I am just wondering about how to conjugate the verbs since dictionnary form is N4 not N5.


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