Change in correct answer green color

Is it just me or the green color from the correct answer han changed a little bit? I was really used to the previous green and OCD is too strong hahaha :rofl:

I just compared my correct answer with a 14-day-old screenshot I found on the forum. They seem to be the same.

Hex colour code #88CC00


I found an image on google images, I really don’t know how old, but the green there is hex #82D000.

I compared them and it’s really hard to note the difference, maybe it’s just me :smile:

Nothing changed as far as I know.

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are you sure that image didn’t have color correction or slight altering due to compression?

Do you use chrome? They changed the way colors are rendered making them a bit less vibrant. That could be the issue.

Interesting, it may be that. Yes, I use chrome. I’ll try with another browser to see if there’s any difference. :thinking:

No, not sure. but the google chrome explanation seems to be the most accurate :slight_smile:

If that turns out to be the issue you can fix it by going to “chrome://flags” and search for “Color correct rendering” and disable that.


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