Change I'd make to 出来る

Right now if you write “to be capable” as an answer to what dekiru means it shows its incorrect. It accepts “to be able to do” which is essentially the same as “to be capable”. I don’t know if there is a lesson further ahead where “to be able to do” comes more in handy than to be capable but I feel “to be capable” should be a correct answer.

There is a light possibility of confusion here, due to the Japanese side of this equation. Like you, I do think being capable and being able are basically the same thing. But, there is a nuance difference it seems that you might wanna take note of. :eyes:

I’m sure that the monolingual dictionary crowd can tell you more about the nuances, but they’re not exactly the same thing here, that much I can tell.

I don’t know much about the nuances of 出来る, but I do know the nuances of “to be able to do” and “to be capable”, and they feel pretty different to me. “To be able to do” focuses more on the action, whereas “to be capable” focuses more on the skills required to do the action.


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