Cells at Work! 🦠 Book Club ・ Past the finish line!

A chance to learn anatomy and immune system vocab? :eyes: Heck yeah! :D

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The fact that you could learn vocab that could be useful if you ever need to go to the doctor’s is very underappreciated.


Just added the vocabulary sheet!
If someone wants to read ahead, feel free to fill it out.

I had the thought, that it would be great, if the notes section could include a small simple english version of what that thing is, because to be honest, a lot of the time, this will be a translation from japanese to latin, and I don’t think everyone is a doctor here.
So for example, there’s this great word in chapter one: 血管内皮けっかんないひ, that translates to “vascular endothelium”. The japanese word is actually a bigger help in this case, but the notes section could then have: “the inner cellular lining of arteries”.

After rethinking the grammar sheet, I’ll include that too. I had some issues with the original version



Nice! :durtle_noice: Good point regarding the latin terminology.

Are you a doctor?
  • Yes, I am the doctor and understand all the latin :durtjovahs_witness:
  • No, but I still know some terminology :durtle_megane:
  • No doctor, only English pls :durtle_durtverted_lvl1:

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Exactly my thoughts. I started reading the first few pages and I was like “vascular endo… who?”, but the kanji were a lot of help :rofl:


I actually like the use of medicinese, I understand the meaning faster than I would in English haha. Also it is interesting to learn what kind of medical terminology they use in Japanese


Yeah, it’s largely about Kanji, and On reading, rather than vocabulary meaning, or English equivalent as a whole.

Otherwise, we would not only learn Japanese, but also technical English, and root words (which are practically Kanji readings).

Probably, Blood-Tube-Inside-Skin might help.


:ballot_box_with_check: Not a doctor, but maybe we can all stand to learn something here. Maybe get a bit more magnum cerebrum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not entirely decided on whether I want to read this in Japanese, though. I’ve read it in English, and while it’s definitely got a feel of a sort of “baby’s first How The Body Works book”, it’s also quite technical.


I would want it for the reverse direction. So many manga with lots of furigana that actually make it harder to read because there’s not enough room in the textbox.

Anyway this bookclub gives me the idea to pick this up as a buffer after I finish reading Colorful. Also worth noting there are many Cells at work series running and the first volume of those has been given out for free a few times (I have them all on kindle).


Whew, there certainly are. I’ve read three of them in English, so I kinda thought that’s all there was, but Wikipedia lists, uh… eleven of them. And a light novel. Most of them have English releases too, though I wonder if I’ve never seen them because they’re in digital form only.


(Finding the actual very first manga on kindle was a pain in my backside)


Okay maybe I don’t have all of them then lol. But I think 5 or so yeah. I can tell them apart by the covers usually.


I watched the anime (w/ eng subs) while taking anatomy/physiology class last year, so you’re not alone in being familiar with the content. I think it’ll be fun :smile: The more members, the merrier!


I just want to give it a try and learn some stuff along the way. I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to read something so technical, but so far at the pace of 2 pages per day, I feel happy about it. I’ll probably even fall behind on the reading schedule, but the point is to challenge yourself, eh?


Added in the grammar sheet as well

Made this one green, to better differentiate it from the vocab sheet. (Also, it looks great)

Probably for the sake of simplicity, the main goal of this grammar sheet will be listing new grammar points. This is because mining out grammar points from the text is much more difficult, than vocab, so easing that burden probably will make the grammar sheet less useful.

Also, I noticed that someone deleted all the chapters, except for the first one from the HxH grammar sheet. I’d love to think this was an accident and it wasn’t noticed, but thankfully google sheets has a great timeline that allowed me to rollback those changes.


I told myself I wouldn’t join yet another book club… But I just can’t resist!!
I loved the anime and I used to work with blood so this manga is something of a must for me.
See you all on chapter 1!


Why on earth would you promise yourself something like that? Book clubs are made to overjoin and underdeliver!


It’s my first time to join anything like this but I just happen to have this manga lying around at home so would love to give it a try! Looking forward to reading with you all (^_^)