Cannot go on studying anymore?

I dont know if the website is bugged or something.
I just started going through the first 26 radicals. But I couldnt get any new ones anymore? Dont see any button to press to get new ones?

I already know about 50-70 kanji from other sources of learning so I wanted to go through them quickly since there is no skip feature.

I my browser bugged? Isnt it possible at all to keep going after some times? What’s going on?


Sorry for the dumb question: Did you read the onboarding guide? What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge


to be honest; no. (since ive been trying a lot of different programs)
But does that mean I cannot quickly go through all the kanji I already know? I keep having to wait in between everytime, even though I already know them??

Well yes. It tends to be rather slow at the beginning anyways. However, it will quickly pick up speed, and because you already know the kanji, you can treat it as a review. Or learn new readings. But it will speed up a lot more as you go along, especially as you start learning vocab. You just have to prove you really know them.

Here’s a similar answer from a different thread I suggest reading: Can I Jump Ahead? - #6 by rbsaito


Then maybe you should? It would have explained how the system works.

Yes, the point of the system isn’t to go as fast as possible. Skipping is also not allowed because of the way the system works to use things you learn early on as building blocks for later items as part of the mnemonic system.

If this is an issue, WK may not be the right tool for you. Anki or something else that has adjustable SRS intervals or a skip feature may be more suited to your needs and wants.


I agree with @athomasm, you might want to read the guide to understand how it’s meant to work :blush:

If it helps, I knew a few hundred kanji in words (and a few hundred more just with individual “keyword meanings” without readings) before starting Wanikani. It hasn’t been much of a problem, because I’ve learned different readings and different words. If you know less than 100 already, you might cover most of them in the free levels, meaning most of the other 57 levels will have lots of fresh content!


Yes I didnt read the FAQ since Im spitting through various learning mechanisms and most have mostly a comparable system.

It’s too bad Wanakani isnt for a ‘little’ more advanced users. Not that I SO advanced, but i really feel like wasting time I dont have this way. If you can learn faster why not let us.

I understand the idea behind the system, but a way to make use of your earlier learned knowledge would be nice…

Im gonna keep searching but maybe Ill wait for some reviews and keep trying this, not sure yet.
Thanks for the answers tho. I do like seeing the community is so very active

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I would recommend sticking with it for at least the first three levels, just to get a feel for it. There’s plenty of things to be learned, even maybe in what you already know (like new readings, vocab words with those kanji, etc.)


Honestly, there’s quite a lot of users who feel like this in the beginning, users like myself who’d been studying for five or more years. There are users who’ve actually been living in Japan for the past twenty years here. But it’s worth sticking with WK. It’s the best way to learn kanji, and while you feel it’s slow now, it won’t be soon.


OP: Asks question which has answer in FAQ
Community: Did you read the FAQ? You can find the answer →here←
OP: No.
OP: Asks question again


Okay I will try



I was just trying to get clarification for my situation mate


50-70 kanji is about 2-3 weeks here on WaniKani. That’s not much time in the grand scheme of language learning, so I wouldn’t worry too much.


50 to 75 kanji and you’re already aching to start skipping stuff? You’re talking like 2, 3 levels of WaniKani, out of 60. That’s baby steps. This is going to be a long, long journey, no matter what study method you use, and you’re going to need to be patient, or you’ll probably burn out. Give the system a chance, use the time to reinforce what you already know. Spend the time between reviews studying grammar or reading or working on your listening, whatever your weak points are.

You even said in your other topic that you “know the meanings but less readings”, so you don’t even really know those 50 to 75 kanji. I’d call this the perfect time for you to learn the readings of those kanji.


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