Can you write Kanji in Anki Mac/PC

I just started using anki seriously(I downloaded it before but I didn’t take it seriously) and I feel like it wouldn’t help if I don’t write the kanji but can you?

I think [this] and [this] are where you want to start.

I’m not an Anki user myself, but my understanding is that @hinekidori is the resident Anki ninja, and at least one of his decks includes WaniKani-style answer entry.

I don’t know how far have you gone right now, but I still couldn’t write on Anki Mac/PC. I can add a textbox, though.

I bought a tablet partially for this reason. Using AnkiDroid, I can always enable whiteboard.

You might be able to create a whiteboard with JavaScript (on Mac/PC), thogh.