Can you use tsu counter for thing for more than 10?

In books…we get a few example of how to use counter (nin, mai,…) for 1 to 10 and higher.
What about for TSU ?

What about after 10 ???


You mostly just drop the つ altogether after 10. Or you need to switch over to the counter for the thing you’re counting

Alternatively some places point out, that 個(こ) tends to take up the same role past 10


Kun’yomi readings above ten exist, but I can almost 100% guarantee that you’ll never encounter them. You’'ll likely never need to know this, but if you are interested, here’s how it works:

For multiples of 10, the reading for 十 is そ (with 10 and 20 as exceptions)

10 = とお
20 = はた
30 = みそ
40 = よそ
50 = いそ and so forth

For multiples of 100, the reading for 百 is ほ (with 100 itself as the exception)

100 = もも
200 = ふたほ
300 = みほ
400 = よほ
500 = いほ and so forth

For multiples of 1000, the reading for 千 is ち, no exceptions.

1000 = ち
2000 = ふたち
3000 = みち
4000 = よち
5000 = いち and so forth

For multiples of 10,000, the reading for 万 is よろづ, no exceptions.

10,000 = よろづ
20,000 = ふたよろづ
30,000 = みよろづ
40,000 = よよろづ
50,000 = いよろづ and so forth

Finally, to connect powers of ten you need to use あまり. (I’ve inserted spaces here for clarity.)

42 = よそ あまり ふたつ
935 = ここのほ あまり みそ あまり いつつ
2024 = ふたち あまり はた あまり よっつ
82376 = やよろづ あまり ふたち あまり みほ あまり ななそ あまり むっつ

No you don’t, you still need a counter. こ, as you observed, is the on’yomi equivalent for the generic つ counter.


As far as I know, these can be useful for reading-meaning pairs of a part of some vocabularies.

In addition, (よろず) might be useful as a vocabulary.

I don’t have experience regarding others. Probably, at least, people and place names?

Well, もも as a female given name can sometimes be spelt 百 rather than 桃, though that might be falling out of favour.

Still formally ほ、or has it shifted to お ?
the only ones I ever encountered so far are 百 (as in name 百花, ももはな) and 八百 (in 八百屋, やおや).
In that last one there is the ほ→お shift.


Perhaps 百舌(もず) can be considered related to もも?

Possibly shifted. Haven’t the foggiest, though it’s kinda academic. :stuck_out_tongue:

this is absurdly difficult… my god

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