Can you make the voices random?

Ah, right. I forgot which one it was. Thanks for reminding me. I had issue with it once before, so I knew to look for it, but I wasn’t sure if it was a deprecated script that did it.

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If I remember correctly it’s how 1x1 mode works.


Oh also, do you know if this would work when the preferred voice actor doesn’t have audio for a given item? Is the other audio source marked as preferred in that case or does WaniKani handle it differently?

Sorry, I don’t. However, I don’t think there is any item which doesn’t have audio for either of the VAs, seems to me like they just missed some of the extra readings. I also don’t know if there can be two preferred audio elements, if there are two valid readings for an item, but I would assume so.

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Okay. I haven’t been doing reviews for months, so I can’t exactly test for the case where there’s more than one reading and audio for both readings exist. I’ll just have to apply your fix and wait for someone to encounter that case and let me know what happens.

I still have plenty of reviews, so I’ll be vigilant.

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When there are two readings for an item there are also two audio elements with the preferred class. As is the script will play the first of these that it encounters, which I think is fine. Accounting for which reading has been entered is not really important. Will keep an eye out for items lacking one VA.

edit: you get さいほう for 細胞 lol

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