Can we write Wanikani answers in Katakana?

I’ve started to get pretty good at reading the Hiragana without thinking, but I still have to stop and sound out words I find in Katakana like a 4 year old. I think the main reason I’m so much better with Hiragana is because I use it here every day on my reviews.

To help my Katakana catch up I’d like to answer my reviews with that script once or twice a week (since it’s just the same phonetics with different characters). Unfortunately though, Wanikani seems to be case-sensitive; I can’t just leave my PC/ phone on all caps and rock n’ roll.

Does anyone know a workaround for doing your reviews in Katakana? Or is that even a good idea?


The closest thing I can think of is there is the Katakana madness script that uses converts onyomi when typing and in UI elements.


That seems pretty useful! Forgive my ignorance, I’ve never used a script to modify Wanikani; is it easy to activate and toggle on and off?

Edit: Never-mind. that was painfully easy. Thanks again for the suggestion! I’d love to hear about other useful scripts out there.

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There are tons of useful scripts, see API and 3rd party apps category or search the forums in general. One exampe - semantic phonetic composition.
I’m on the phone, so it’s too long to properly link all good scripts, and it’s better if you find them yourself. I’ve found out about most of them from “Reached level 60” posts, since people usually list the scripts they use and why.
P.S. I’m script addict, have more than 20, afraid to count. Katakana madness was latest addition for exact reason as yours.

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