Looking for A Scrpit

Hey, I am looking for a script that changes the reading to ON or KUN depending on the one being used to answer.

For example, the on kanji reading is required to answer the question but when you type it, it appears in hiragana and not katakana.

*Excuse my bad writing English is not my first language. *

I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re trying to say.
Do you mean you want a script that shows katakana for an on- reading and hiragana for a kun- reading, like some dictionaries do?


If you want to type onyomi readings in katakana, normally you would just use caps lock - but I’m pretty sure the system will not accept the answer as correct (in specific cases items allow for katakana input but those are always listed as ‘alternate’ readings).
Any script that displays hiragana as katakana would then have an issue because you wouldn’t be able to recognize any differences between an accepted answer (hiragana displayed as katakana) and a rejected one (actual katakana displayed as katakana).

Unless this is not what you meant - there is the katakana madness script, but it does not mess with review-input. apparently it does change review input, see further down

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Are you looking for a script like the top setting of this Tsurukame screenshot?

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i think it does change your input


Thanks shikaji! I really need to check before I type - I considered it unlikely and lazied out of it.


Thank you!

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