Can we please get a "suspend item" feature?

I hope the reset will work for you !

Here’s how the leech trainer [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches looks like on my end:

I can then click on the “Quizzes” button and it starts a wanikani-like quizz on the items I have selected (usually I focus on the top 30). It’s somehow better than WK because it also questions the words from their spoken sound, and from english written prompts. Highly recommend it.

For your own sanity, keep in mind your Apprentices will increase over time even when you don’t do new lessons, since you will get waves of your Master/Enlightened reviews coming back. So whenever you had fast levels, this will be 130+ items returning on that week, which does bring 20-30 new apprentices if your accuracy is in the 80% range.

Last thing: when I get one item wrong, I only allow a mistake on it “once”, then the second time I cheat to get it validated. That’s because my understanding is that WK will downgrade the item more if you fail twice rather than once on a given session (I haven’t tested it, but read it in one post). Because my main hurdle at this point is the number of reviews per day, I prefer to avoid swarming my Apprentices (so leech from higher levels may not drop to Apprentices right away, and I have a chance to bring them back up.

Hope this helps!