Can we please get a "suspend item" feature?

One time it was about 15 levels, the other just a couple. I suppose the one with fewer levels feels less bad but neither really did it for me, I still had to combat the same leeches, just this time with even more time elapsed. But I guess everyone’s different, ans going back a level or two won’t really hurt much, if you feel like it’d give you a boost.


So, I ended up resetting to level 10 in the end, as most of my leeches were on 11 and 12. I’ll try taking it slow for now and see how it goes from there. I don’t remember how many leeches it was before, right now it looks like this:

I have the double-check script, yes. I just thought that the cheating would eventually make things worse, but I can see how it can be a “walk around” solution.

The problem is not the 70 items per se, but the fact that it was at 70 even if I didn’t take any lessons. After resetting it went to 28 and now after a few lessons, 37.

I’ll look it up! I have the leech dashboard script, it’s not the same, right?

I went back 3 levels, I think it’s helping with the anxiety aspect of it at least :sweat_smile:


It‘s good that you were able to catch it on time. I did hope the trend you‘d find would be at the latest levels, so reseting won‘t be a big deal, I’m glad it was.
In my case I sometimes find myself realizing that I was doing the motions but my mind wasn‘t there so I wasn‘t really learning, that‘s why I started writing down the main components of each lesson, so I‘ll have to slow down. sometimes even that doesn‘t help, and I realize I have no idea what I‘d written… like the last lesson I did about an hour ago.

I use Tsurukame on my iPad/iPhone and it has an undo and my answer was right option. I use those for typos and when I know the meaning but the english term escapes me. I don‘t really care for the radicals, they’re just an aid so they’re not that important imo. I reset a few times to level 1 because I had years of non Japanese learning whatsoever between usage, but this time around I put a reminder to myself on my study log never to reset lower then level 15.

I do believe Vanille Wanikani is still an unforgiven app and that it should be more flexible, and trust the users judgment more.

I would recommend you to do really small batches of radicals and kanji now, so it will be easier to remember and the upcoming load of vocabs would be contained in a way that you won’t feel overwhelmed. The fact that you were able to make it to level 10 without accumulating a lot of leeches and it started only when you entered painful, means you just need to slow down for a while and you’ll get your groove back. My own mental health ebbs and flows really influence how much I’m able to concentrate on new material and such, when my mind is clear it is really a no brainer but when it’s not it’s like trying to walk through wet cement.
And like you it’s not the first or third language I’m learning, Japanese is a challenge, but as long as you continue to take one step at a time, even one sentence a day, or a show, or a story, or a word, you will improve.


Note that even with scripts or third-party apps, it’s impossible to reset un-Burned items to Lessons or Apprentice 1. In addition, resurrecting Burned items sends them to Apprentice 1 rather than Lessons, so it’s impossible to skip/postpone with the Lesson Picker.

At this point of time, WaniKani already gives Lesson Picker voluntarily, so it might worth it to ask Mods (ping them ? or Feedback ?) for other related features, such as suspend and reset.


I hope the reset will work for you !

Here’s how the leech trainer [Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard Leech Tables - Notice your leeches looks like on my end:

I can then click on the “Quizzes” button and it starts a wanikani-like quizz on the items I have selected (usually I focus on the top 30). It’s somehow better than WK because it also questions the words from their spoken sound, and from english written prompts. Highly recommend it.

For your own sanity, keep in mind your Apprentices will increase over time even when you don’t do new lessons, since you will get waves of your Master/Enlightened reviews coming back. So whenever you had fast levels, this will be 130+ items returning on that week, which does bring 20-30 new apprentices if your accuracy is in the 80% range.

Last thing: when I get one item wrong, I only allow a mistake on it “once”, then the second time I cheat to get it validated. That’s because my understanding is that WK will downgrade the item more if you fail twice rather than once on a given session (I haven’t tested it, but read it in one post). Because my main hurdle at this point is the number of reviews per day, I prefer to avoid swarming my Apprentices (so leech from higher levels may not drop to Apprentices right away, and I have a chance to bring them back up.

Hope this helps!


This is a really low number of items in Apprentice though. Getting them even lower, would mean you need to really slow down on level up and lessons. And needlessly prolong finishing WK.

Also, its also normal for Apprentice numbers to go up after a review sessions as you will fail items in Guru and that’s part of the learning process. That’s not what a leech is. That’s just normal learning.

I think you need to sit down and draw up realistic goals for what you want here. But also, to reevaluate how you see apprentice numbers.

They’re not some sort of personal failure. You’re the one making the reviewing process feel punishment. Unless you simply cannot find the time to do all reviews you have, just keep on going, but be more forgiving of yourself - because you seem to be dong perfectly alright.


Thanks everyone for the advice, I have an idea of what I am going to do now. However, I still think the users would benefit from a “suspend item” feature, so I changed the category of the post to Feedback (should have done it at first but I didn’t know about it). @Mods could the Wanikani team consider this (or a feature for returning individual items do the lesson pile)? Thank you for the attention!


I don’t know how you’re trying to learn Japanese, so this could just be wasted typing on my part…

WK is not a Japanese learning platform, it’s a Kanji memorization platform. I know they’ve added some kana words recently, but that’s just diluting it’s value. The words are there to help you remember the sounds the kanji make. So you know (by sight) that 必要 is ひつよう so that when you see 必需品 and you can’t remember how to pronounce 必, you remember “oh, that’s in 必要, so it’s ひつじゅひん”.

It’s helpful if you first learn some Japanese - the sounds that make it up, and the way the language is spoken, so both ひつ and よう are in your head as units of sound that make up words, and it feels natural that 必勝 is pronounced ひっしょう. The best way to do that is probably with a native language teacher, but graded readers and lots of listening / watching, plus shadowing are a pretty good alternative.

WK doesn’t get more easy as you go along, but by treating WK as a side project to your language learning, it can act as a useful aid to reading, and it will be made easier by your increasing familiarity with the language from that reading (and listening, watching, etc, etc).