Accepting Katakana Readings

I started taking an IRL Japanese class and I realized that my writing had weakened significantly – I couldn’t remember the visuals of katakana, despite having studied them years ago and seeing them fairly often, so I thought it’d be a good idea to turn on caps lock and just type katakana for answers so I’d get more used to them; to my surprise, katakana isn’t accepted! This is especially surprising to me since 音読 readings are often given in katakana.

This old thread discussed the same points I make above:

Could this be implemented?

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There’s a script that lets you enter onyomi readings for kanji items in katakana. I forget the name.

Well, it’s a dictionary formatting thing. In real-world Japanese words are sometimes written in katakana when they would otherwise be written in kanji, but usually just for effect. Hiragana is the standard for “plain” Japanese, typically, unless there’s some special reason to write things in katakana.


That’s fair; it still feels as though it should be acceptable, though…maybe a userscript could be written for those that want that option. I do work with computers for a living, but I haven’t worked with something like WK scripts too much before, so maybe that’s something that I could figure out on a free weekend.

Tada! :grin:


Sweet, thank you!!

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