Can I remove Radicals?

I just wrote this in another thread, there are no “official” japanese radical names, only nicknames.
while for @FrostWarlock learning many of the first radicals will do almost nothing,
i’m not so sure that knowing 1000 simplified chinese Hanzi will mean that you know all or even most of WK’s radicals for the later levels. And even early radicals like イ leader will turn up in complex kanji and their mnemonics.

There are very few radicals per level, so i’d still recommend to learn the “stupid fake radical names” (as someone once put it), because they will enable you to understand the mnemonics.
Without these, you have to make your own mnemonics for every kanji, or learn completely without mnemonics, but then you don’t need WK.


I regularly type in あいれん for 愛人 so yes, crosstalk can be a problem.


I think official radicals are useful in Japanese. If you don’t know the meaning or reading of a kanji then you can look it up based on a radical that it contains. At least, this is my understanding from what I’ve looked up.

I mean, not sure what you’re doing, but when I look up a kanji I don’t know, I usually do one of two things:

  1. Write it down on google translate and then copy and paste it to jisho or whatever.
  2. Look it up from the radicals on jisho

But I don’t need any sort of study of radicals to do #2… I just need eyes.

It’s really not necessary, and I think WK method of using them for actually learning kanji rather than adding a layer of info to learn for some reason is better.

Now if you also want to learn the radicals, for whatever reason, maybe a more academic approach to the language, sure, go ahead, I’m not saying they are useless overall, but rather that when it comes to learning japanese as foreigners, they don’t do much.


Wait! You’re saying I can create my own synonyms for radicals? How do I do this? Is it a Userscript?

It’s not like I want to cheat my way through WaniKani, I just don’t know some of the English words (I’m not an English native), so sometimes it’s difficult to understand the stories etc. (therefore I’d like to be able to build up Kanji with my own story)

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Yeah, any item can have synonyms. You’d have to write your own story in the notes section, but I guess it’s doable.

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Wow, cool thank you! I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

A little out of the loop here, but i think you might be looking for this:

Just to be clear, by the way, this script simply allows you to add synonyms during lessons - adding them during reviews, or from the item’s own page, is already possible in vanilla WaniKani.