Can I keep going forever?

So, I’m a long ways away from finishing WaniKani, but I’ve been wondering about what happens after Level 60.

I’ve noticed that WaniKani will bring back kanji that I haven’t seen for a while, and sometimes I know it right away, and sometimes I’m just clueless.

So what’s going to happen when I’ve learned a LOT more kanji and vocabulary? I bought the lifetime subscription, but I’m wondering what happens once you’ve completed Level 60. Can you continue to do reviews forever and ever? I hope so because I’ve already seen that reviewing stuff that you haven’t seen in a while is extremely helpful. And since I want to speak Japanese for the rest of my life, I would love to be able to access WaniKani in order to constantly keep reviewing things to keep my skills sharp…but I’m afraid that Level 60 will be the end of the road and I won’t be able to keep it as a tool in my toolbox.

Any insight into what happens when you’re “done”?


TBH once you have burned all of your items you will not see them again unless you revive them. If you plan to be actively studying Japanese throughout your life, you really will not need to review most of these words once you have burned them (right for a bit more than 4 months in a row). The ones that are common and necessary to you, you will run into non-stop as long as you are reading Japanese, talking to people in Japanese, listening to Japanese, etc. Once you are at level 60, I think your main form of review is running into things in reality. Just my thoughts on it though. There is always the option to unburn items that seem like they need relearned. Having not yet been level 60 though, maybe I will change my mind after a year or two…Best of luck getting there. It takes some time and effort, but it is worth it.


At some point, you’re better off just finding good reading material. But if that doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you could use the Self-Study Quiz Edition script to quiz yourself as often as you want.


Like the previous poster stated you can unburn things that you find that you are having issues with… I’m like you in the beginning stages of the wanikani lifestyle and want to worship the crabigator for a long time. Recently I just reset my account back down to level four because I needed a review of the lower levels so that is always an option. I was surprised it only took me a couple months to jump backup to level 10 where I was. I think if we are reading and using kanji in our daily lives maybe we won’t feel the need to review so heavily. But… If you find that you reach the end and feel like you don’t remember things from say level 30 you can always jump down and start from there again. It’s in the account settings that you can reset your account down to a lower level if you feel the need to… you could also just go crazy and reset your whole account but I have a feeling once we get to 60 we won’t want to do that… just a hunch. lol Ganbatte kudasai yo!

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Well, for one thing, you can still use the forum.
First, there is Japanese Only section, which is a real treasure.
Second, apart from teachers, there are also other very knowledgeable people here like @syphus 先輩、@Leebo 先輩 and @Belthazar 先輩 who can be of great help when you have Japanese-related questions.
And then there are people like me, who can (hopefully) raise your mood if you ever need it :sweat_smile:
P. S. Btw, we actually have a poll about your question :sweat_smile:

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