Cakeday? Also a weird question!


First I had a question to post in WaniKani: Is the Cakeday the day we joined WaniKani?

(My guess is yes.)

However, when I tried to make a New Topic in the WaniKani section (er… category), clicking on the button turned my cursor into a “no smoking” (minus the smoking) sign! The O with the slash through it! And no text field popped up.

Oddly enough in “All catergories” on the main splash page I am able to make a totally generic post!
This is the weirdest!

Just thought you should know, @Viet. This feels like abnormal behaviour - or unwanted behaviour. If I don’t select a category right now, will it remain unsorted?
Time to test that theory…

Well, it didn’t let me create a non-categorized topic. That’s good. However, I don’t think this really belongs here (where I’ve put it). But there is no longer a “general” WaniKani area…(I thought there was, the dropdown only gave me WK+sub-categories as options).