Buying books

Can you buy Japanese books from the global site now? I thought the global one was for their English books (but admittedly it’s been some years since I have used the non-japanese one, so could be wrong)


Thank you, but for what I see I can only buy English books/Manga on their English site?


If you can give me the title of your book I can show you step-by-step with pictures how to buy it if you want.


I think switching between both accounts will be the easiest solution for me then… sucks that Amazon doesn’t have a worldwide account. I now have 3 accounts, for the USA, EU and Japan :wink:


That would be awesome! I’d like to buy this one to start my reading with:


  • Press 立ち読み to read the preview. 購入こうにゅう to buy. カートに入れる to add to cart.
  • 全額ぜんがくコインで今すぐ購入 (Buy only with coins.)

I am not sure if I can press later than that for you, as I don’t want to buy it.


What’s the difference between US and EU? Also, what’s the proper way to create a JP account? Will it ask for a valid Japanese phone number anyway?


Thank you so much for this. When I follow your first link it opens my account settings page. On that page or on the homepage I can’t see where I can buy coins… but while reading the FAQ I saw this so I think I’ll manage it this way :slight_smile:


Edit : @polv hooked you up nicely before me I see :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep the post in a details tag should anyone want to see :


Okay, here we go ^^

カ-トに入れる means “put in cart”


Next you want to go to your cart, you can either click on the shopping cart on top, or click on カートを見る which means “view cart”

Next up you need to log-in, I believe the global and japanese shop have different accounts, so if you don’t have a Japanese account (which I assume is the case), you need to click the lowest orange button. I have translated the two windows for you if you want to know what they say :


First box :

“Already a member?
Log in”

Second box :


“total amount
1,100 yen for 1 item (tax included)
Various payment options!
(May not be available depending on the device.
Register and go to payment selection
Click here to use coins and coupons”

The rest of the pages can be changed to English (for the account creation and the cart) by clicking this item :

I have no idea why they offer this option for your library and cart, but not for the main store, but oh well :woman_shrugging:


I wanted to order something from and for that the EU account doesn’t work… you need a separate account for that. And the same goes for Amazon.JP, also need a different account for that (I use the same email for all 3 accounts, but they are separate accounts). It’s a silly system.
You don’t need to enter a phonenumber, just email, password and basic data.


Yes thanks a lot both for the help :slight_smile: Hopefully this post will also help others in the future struggling with the same issue :slight_smile:


Ah, sorry about that. Since I saw my earlier purchases on the English site, I assumed you could also buy them there. Once you bought a volume of series, you can even click on the “Unpurchased from this series” button on the English site, but I see now that that automatically takes you to the Japanese site. Those instructions you linked to, look pretty clear, though, so it looks like you will figure it out :sweat_smile:


I am also curious whether the same email works. As a matter of fact, I can already browse Japanese eBook in Kindle (by setting the whole Android display language to Japanese, but in PC, it is really a no-brainer.)

However, got this also “Available for download now” / 「今すぐダウンロードできます。」. Seems to be only for Kindle / eBook.

Probably I pinged / asked a wrong person first…

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Those instructions look very clear, unfortunately they don’t work. When I add the book to my cart and open my cart i need to sign in. I do so, then my account page opens. I go back to the book page, cart is empty, I’m signed out again…
Going to try MatKat’s instructions now :slight_smile:

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You can always screenshot where you got stuck, and paste it here.

I seem to have to confirm my login in that website every once in a while. Not sure if before every purchase.


Keep in mind this means switching every time you want to read something, not every time you want to buy something. When you switch accounts it wipes all the content from the device.


I was almost there… at the last part entered my creditcard details… and when I pressed the Pay button the payment process got stuck. Waited for 10 minutes, then aborted. Going to give this a short rest now and will try again later :wink:

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I usually pay via PayPal, but I can’t really remember about Amazon part.

About multiple accounts, I believe the app can be cloned, at least in Android. I have never tried that, though; but I have logged out in Kindle before… as expected.

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Phew! Finally it worked for me. Payment with Paypal on Bookwalker worked and I could open the book in my app. Then I wanted to buy some more books, chose Paypal again… then got the message that some Ebooks can’t be bought using Paypal outside of Japan :-/
But then I tried it with creditcard again and this time it worked.

Thanks again all, couldn’t have figured this out without your help!


Glad you got it sorted. I really like. BookWalker for buying books but I wish their app was better.

Now that you have an account, you may want to check out the Freebies thread: