BU$TAFELLOWS 💰 (Visual Novel Book Club) // Completed

very mild spoilers (it’s about the usual otome / VN structure)

aren’t y’all going to end with the “true ending” route? After finishing all the leads

Hmm. As in actually calculate based on the play time data on ‘How long to beat’? 'Cause that’s all I could maybe offer, since the only transscript I could find doesn’t include the character routes. That would be more ‘guesstimate’ than calculate though, really :joy:
Unfortunately(?) Bustafellows has a ton extra things (side B’s, extra unlocks, main/character route variations, …) & the notes on How long to beat aren’t that detailed, so it’s a bit hard to say which times really include which things :thinking: For example, when someone says “Main 5 good endings”, does that mean including Side B? Probably yes but I can’t be sure :see_no_evil:
Also no clue if they used a guide or just played until they unlocked everything… etc etc

Well, I gave it a shot, but since this is based on shaky data and maybe more importantly my questionable math skills… please take this with a major grain of salt :joy:

Okay, so the main route is ~150k characters, and the last 2 main chapters (ending) are ~41k combined (actual character counts).
Calculated/Guesstimated other counts:
~ 78k per route (on average), good ending only (probably including side B, probably including the parts to unlock the route first)
~ 56.6k for the bad endings of all routes combined + whatever extra stuff there is to get to 100% memorabilia (no clue what or how much that is)

Total: 149.7k (main) + 78k * 5 (routes) + 40.8k (main ending(s)) + 56.6 (bad endings + extras) = ~636.6k. Minus a couple thousand probably because you only need to redo the main route 4 times and not 5, but that part is included in the 78.

So if we’re not counting bad endings & extras for the club it’d be roughly 78/3 = 26k per week for the character routes part. And then 40.8/3 = 13.6k per week for the ending.

Maybe. but also maybe not :face_with_peeking_eye:


@rokon Is there such a thing for B$ and is it different from the extra main story chapters I’ve been mentioning? Because if you look at the schedule post, we have the four other routes plus two extra main story chapters after that on the schedule. Those are the only things I’ve seen in guides, except for little extra episodes.

@Scylie Ah! I didn’t realize it was only for the main story. Sorry! :woman_facepalming:

Thanks for taking the time to guesstimate. :smiley:


Yup that’s it! I wasn’t sure what main story meant haha.

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No worries, I’ve been using the terminology I saw in the English guide, so I’ll blame it all on that. :crazy_face: Or I made it up, one or the other. xD

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It makes sense now! Can’t wait to follow along and see what you all think of the other routes :smile: wish I had my game with me to play too, but maybe I’ll use this motivation to give Side Kicks another go :thinking:


Since all polls have been open for over a week now, I closed them and these are our results.

We’re going with Schedule B, so I’ll put in the schedule in the main post for that.

And our route order is as follows:

  • リンボ (finishes on Thursday, March 9)
  • シュウ (starts on Friday, March 10)
  • モズ
  • ヘルベチカ
  • スケアクロウ

Without mentioning them by name (could be considered spoiler)—I call them chapter 5 and 6 in the schedule for now—could you say how long each one is?

Considering their length… If they are about half each, I’m probably cutting a week from the schedule, since 20k isn’t that different from 18,5k and it’ll be the end of the VN so should be fine.

And unrelated to Scylie, the schedule is set up with 2 weeks for A side and 1 week for B side. However, I don’t actually know if everyone else’s A and B sides will follow Limbo’s in A being longer and B shorter.

That’s just a FYI about the schedule. ^^


Chapter 5: ~24600, 6: ~16100



Thank you very much! :star_struck:

So schedule will be 2 weeks for “chapter 5” and one week for “chapter 6”. :smiley:


Today we’re starting シュウ’s path! Remember that while I have divided A and B with 2 weeks for A and 1 week for B, if A feels short, then it might be a good idea to start B early, because maybe B is longer in this case. We’re flying blind as usual!


I think it should work, I did Scarecrow’s route and it followed the same pattern as Limbo’s, longer side A and shorter side B!

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Apologies if this has been discussed before and ruled out but is there an option/any interest in having the threads for the remaining routes open before the official starting time? I think @Scylie and @natarin mentioned it as an option before but I couldn’t see if it was ruled out or not!

I ask because I am realising that I’m not sure I have the self control to keep to the planned schedule :face_with_peeking_eye: For some reason the further through I get the more difficult it is to be like “right, now I don’t play anymore for 2 weeks”. Curse this game for being too fun!

This maybe just means that I don’t have the self control to be in reading clubs and just have to deal with that but thought I’d check in how others are finding it/if there would be interest in the threads being up earlier to allow for people to leave comments (using spoiler tags appropriately obvs) outside of the schedule.

I can see that this could have drawbacks (like if enough people are reading ahead that all conversation happens way before the scheduled timing I could see that being not great for people actually following the schedule). It would have perks if there are enough people that think they will read ahead who might end up not commenting at all if the threads aren’t up but would if there is the option to. If this isn’t an issue that others are having then that’s alright - I’m happy to accept the consequences of my impatience!


This was an option I suggest while doing polls if we decided to stop reading as a scheduled club, but people still planned to read it and wanted to have places to discuss it.

I’m personally not opposed to making the rest of the threads and posting them now, and then posting the link here in the home thread as the schedule demands it.

It isn’t normal praxis for clubs and as you mentioned could lessen the discussion that happens when everyone reads together. On the other hand, we might also lose interesting comments and takes because someone read ahead. (I personally post my hot takes under a spoiler on my study log when I read ahead of a club (if I have something to say) and then move it over to the club when the thread gets posted. That is how I’ve handled that from time to time, not saying anyone needs to/should do what I do.)

Anyway, this is my way of saying I’m open to whatever you guys prefer. Also, maybe some of you want to read along with Zero Escape: 999 and then being able to read ahead of B$ and still get to contribute comments and such would be nice.

Should I post all B$ threads now?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Either is fine
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Ah cool! I’ve voted yes as that’s my preference but I’m okay either way depending on what others prefer.

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Just wanted to mention that while B$ have been moved to off-shoot rather than main read of the VN book club, that literally changes nothing except our promotion status in the main VN club. So things will continue as usual here.

For those wondering, second week of Shuu A started today, and his B side will start next week.

It is looking like I’ll probably post all the rest of the threads some day soon since no one seems opposed to the idea. But remember it does not mean you need to read quicker, but if you read ahead or read the routes in a different order, then you’ll be able to comment as you finish things. And I will still announce here in the club thread when a new section becomes “active” or whatever to call it, basically when the schedule calls for a new section to start, I will announce here, so as long as you have this thread to watching or something like it, you’ll know when to start the next part if you are reading in time with the club.


sounds ace! Thanks so much!

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I’m going to be putting together and posting all the threads today (unless I run out of time, then I’ll continue tomorrow or so). So you’ll be seeing a lot of B$ threads. Just letting you know for when you check the forum next and see 8 threads for B$. xD

And as mentioned, I’ll post a message here in the home thread with a link for each part as the schedule says to read that part. ^^


I totally expected that to take longer than 1 hour!!! Well, that’s nice.

I hope I didn’t make any mistakes. So those reading ahead or different routes, all links are now in the schedule in the OP.

明後日 I’ll link to シュウ B and that is when it “officially”/by schedule opens, but feel free to post whenever you finish a part so we can get your fresh takes, and also don’t forget to ask any questions you might have. Just know if you read ahead an answer might take a while. ^^


I think they might be calling us out but I’m not sure