Burning out after starting to burn?

Just continue doing those reviews! You got this!


I just learned the word 恐ろしい


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If you aren’t cheering until your nostrils start smoking you aren’t doing it right!


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One of the biggest things that burnt me out was obsessing about getting every kanji right, so when reviews came around I’d get anxious.

But recently I took a vacation for a couple months, and with that break I came back with a mentality to not be so much of a perfectionist.

Like some of the others said, if I get it wrong, then I get it wrong. So what. Then it comes back around and I can work on getting it right.

By trying to level up so fast, and focusing on WK more like it’s a game than a learning process, that’s when I get burnt out. But since I’m learning, I need to make sure I’m actually absorbing the material instead of trying to speed through it.

There’s actually a self-quiz script out there now that can help you to refresh on lower levels, which is really awesome. That really helped me recently. After those couple months I uh, kinda forgot a lot.

Here’s a link for that:

I also reset a level back, which helped to lighten the load. Oh, and Bunpro.jp is a great website for grammar that I use in tandem with WK now (it helps me to understand vocabs better, and to apply the words you just learned in WK with Bunpro makes for a great study duo.)

You can find your own way to cope, however that will be, and if it takes a vacation or a reset or more studying or whatever, just tackle it with the mindset that you can do it.

After all, once you really can start reading, it becomes fun! And there’s online kanji games and other stuff out there to help practice.

Best of luck!


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