Burned 毛糸 - WaniKani's role

So I just burned 毛糸 today. Great!

But I’m only Level 13. So, within WK, I’m never gonna see 毛糸 again. So, it’s “on me” to use Japanese, especially reading, so that I encounter 毛糸 from time to time. Otherwise I’ll forget it.

Not at all a knock on WaniKani, but just reality. Because when the “Burn” flag went up, I thought, "Uh-oh. I’m not gonna encounter 毛糸 every day, even in my reading of NHK Easy News, Yotsuba, etc.

WaniKani is a great way to “set the table,” but it’s really up to me to “dig in and partake.”


Yeah, when I first got to that point I quickly realized you have to get to the critical point where you can read native content ASAP otherwise the knowledge slowly leaks out. I’ve seen lvl 60s acknowledge this as well elsewhere in the forums.
I’m sure you already know, but for me the bookclubs: Master List of Book Clubs?
and one of the Burn Managers/Self Study quizzes: [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz? work really well for going over these things. For the latter, you can filter by level and do an organized review that way if you want.
That’s the best part of Wanikani for me: all the things the community has made to help each other out.


I did not know about the Self-Study quiz, with the option to review Burned items. Thank you!


Yeah, I burned it 2 years ago and haven’t seen it since. My first guess on seeing it in your post just now was もうし :laughing: Still remembered the meaning though.


Yeah I can count the amount of times ive seen it on one hand over the course of like 4 years lol. Frequency lists have it at pretty low frequencies too.

Ah well, learning that a lot of words you learn on here you’re not going to see for awhile is another valuable lesson! lol


I honestly expected an amusing story involving string and a fire…


I wouldn’t fret too much about it. It’s in your brain now. If you forget it and need to relearn it someday, you’ll be shocked how much it’s not like the first time you learned it - it’ll be easy.


That’s why they call it Burned in the first place. Works on the same principal as remembering how to ride a bike I guess.

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