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This thread is for unscheduled miscellaneous discussion about anything related to Bungou Stray Dogs, with the exception of Wan!, which has its own book club.
The idea spawned from the talk about light novels, but manga conversation is also welcome.
Note: In case of Bungou Stray Dogs, manga is the backbone of the series and light novels act as an spin-off.
(But various manga spin-offs also exist.)

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太宰治の入社試験 is also in my plans for 2021 :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it’s unfortunate that they already used material from it for the anime (season 1, episodes 6-7), but decided to rework it and put the plot in the future, with Atsushi already in ADA.
The fact that this is Dazai’s entrance exam and the first meeting of him and Kunikida is the whole fun here!

But I didn’t know it’s also written from Kunikida’s point of view. That’s something fresh and it’s making me even more excited!


My light novel for the BEAST light novel should be arriving on the 21st…So long :sob:
Honestly I’m really excited. Akutagawa is one of my favourite characters and anytime someone is mean to him it breaks my heart. So the idea that he gets the chance to do the right thing for once just ;AAAAA;AAAAA;

(I don’t think any of that is spoilers since I’m going off of the book summary on the back of the book…)

For a warning for anyone reading 太宰治の入社試験
Since it’s Kunikida
At the beginning of the chapters it shows a bit of his diary. which is in
Old-fashioned Japanese :scream:
I’ll be 100% honest I tried and just decided to skip it bc it’s too much effort lmao.


It’s good to know it’s skippable, because I would probably dramatize otherwise about not understanding it properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it is a most busy shopping period of the year :frowning: I’m trying to refrain from buying anything now. The only thing I still have in shipping is a plush Chuuya, because the release got delayed (was supposed to be out in November).
I’m rooting for your copy to arrive safely!
Unfortunately, I had to choose digital for Bungou Stray Dogs, because space. And well, with Japanese novels, I basically need to read them on Kindle for the time being, because dictionary. But also space. The books by original authors are already taking up a lot of room, and in this case, many of them don’t have an ebook version. I’m going for Polish translations if they’re available and some of them are even oldies from '70s :grin:

My favorite character is Chuuya, as it might be already noticed from the fact I’ve bought him in a plush form. (And I also have a Chuuya-themed notebook and a pen :sweat_smile:)
And Kunikida I can understand, even if it’s mainly because he’s relatable, although nowadays I’m trying to purge this perfectionist part of me, because it never did me any good in life :stuck_out_tongue:
But I wonder why Akutagawa. I realize he’s a popular character, but I never understood his appeal. Do you mind sharing your view? And of course about Kunikida too, because your reasons may be completely different to mine. :relaxed:


Anyone know if a season 4 of the anime is in the works? We all know we’d love it.


They are probably waiting for more material and maybe current manga arc’s end. There was a 3 year break between Season 2 and Season 3, so the waiting period isn’t unusual.
And there will be an anime adaptation of the Wan!'s spin-off in January, so I think the series is still supported and selling well.


Omg so I’ll start off by saying I love every single character. LMAO. So I also love Chuuya, he really do be best short boi :pleading_face: ANd now I want plushies dang!!
I’m gonna spoiler it because there’s some potential spoiler’s on Akutagawa’s end.


K so I really like Kunikida for a few reasons. First off I just love his style because I lvoe anime bois with pony tails, or just anyone with long hair in general. It looks nice :relieved: I also appreciate most of his “ideals” and how dedicated he is. I relate to him on a big level in that sense because I too am trying to keep to a schedule and be very serious about life (Although I don’t do it early as well as him because I have no self control… ;-;
Akutagawa is a precious cinnamon bun…A murderous cinnamon bun. But still a precious one.
Ok so this is potential spoilers for BEAST, one more warning.
Akutagawa is basically Atsushi, but didn’t get the care that Sushi (I see this nickname used for Atsushi in the fandom and I’m stealing it bc it’s cute).
Akutagawa and Atsushi were both orphans who were abused. The only difference is that Aku was taken in by the Port Mafia, and treated extremely horribly by Dazai and everyone else. (Dazai was known for being very harsh and beating Aku if need be to get him to follow orders…)
Atsushi was also turning down this path in the first episode. He had already decided to start stealing and doing whatever he needed to survive. If Dazai had found him and was still in the Port Mafia, Atsushi probably would’ve been led down the same path. (That’s the entire plot of BEAST.)
So it really breaks my heart, LMAO. Akutagawa is just a poor boy who had to learn to kill ad be bad to survive in the Mafia. And I really really wish he gets to join Dazai in the ADA sometime in the future…although unlikely ;-;
Also I like his hair and his ability. LOL. The front of his hair kinda looks like fluffy dog ears which is very fitting… :thinking: And his shirt demon is kinda cute ngl looks kinda モフモフ I would love to pet it.
Honestly I think I’m just a sucker for characters that need a hug. Anytime any character is sad or alone I’m like NO I WILL PROTECT YOU NO I FEEL SO BAD PLS NO CRY \ :sob: /
I also love Yosano bc she is bae and you can’t convince me otherwise. Literally a goddess.
And Kenji because he’s a smol bebbe and I must protect :pleading_face: Why are they letting people that young work in a detective agency anyway lmao-

Sorry I can talk all day about my fandoms this was long :no_mouth:


Honestly me @ both Mori, Poe, and and Fyodor.
First off Mori is just weird man ok he’s into little girls for god’s sake how do people like him as a character <_<
I really dislike him but a lot of people in the fandom like him for some reason…
I don’t dislike Poe but like there hasn’t been much of him so I don’t really get why everyone loves him so much.
And everyone’s o b s e s s e d with Fyodor I stg! :joy:
Like ye he looks cool and he’s a cool rat but like he’s nothing special. Maybe there’s something later in the manga I’m missing. But for now, he’s just a basic anime villain with nothing too special about his motives so I dunno why he’s loved so much.


That sound sooooo cute.

I spotted a fan here. I always need to be on the lookout for these merch because if I’m not I could buy everything ha ha


Hey, that’s what this thread is supposed to be for! ^^

Re: Kunikida, Yosano, Kenji, Akutagawa&Atsushi

I see it’s the other way around for you with seriousness and scheduling ;D Things I’m trying to escape from, you’re trying to run into.

Ahh, I also love long hair, ponytails and especially braids. Not just for anime bois, for everyone and outside of fiction too :grin: But anime allows for hairstyles which would be really unpractical and uncomfortable in real life, so that’s nice.

Yosano I also like, usually with anime, males are more often cut to my tastes, and the majority of girls I perceive as too cute, but Yosano is perfect.

Kenji is very sweet and good-natured, but too oblivious for me. And I’m not sure he needs protection, considering his insane strength :stuck_out_tongue:

As for Akutagawa and Atsushi, normally I would argue that the difference in their character would make development of matters different, but it’s dangerous to make such claims when Beast exists and may easily prove me wrong.
But Akutagawa isn’t only ruthless, he’s also so chaotic with his actions. Even within Mafia, there are more organized and competent characters. He’s just a ball of anger and while he hunts the sense of accomplishment, he compromises his tasks with being too impatient and messy with his actions.
Meanwhile Atsushi may have decided to steal for food, but the whole opening of the series shown us that he wasn’t doing too good with that.
But I guess I should wait until I’ve read Beast, because why guess “what-if” if that “what-if” has already been written. :wink:
Out of curiosity, what is your reading speed? I wonder how quickly I’ll be able to read your impressions.

Mori, Poe, and and Fyodor

With Mori, I agree that his fondness of little girls is unsettling. I’m not even sure why he’s got that trait, his Wiki page suggests that wasn’t anything like that about his real-life counterpart. There was Elise character in The Dancing Girl, but she was much older (16-17 years old - this age is backed up by Japanese Wikipedia, too). I know 16-17 in a relationship with an adult man may still be controversial depending of the time and culture, but it’s completely different feel from a little girl before her puberty.
But aside from that, I like his character. I guess I have a thing for leader characters and not necessarily only the saint ones. Although I’m interested in Fukuzawa too, but he isn’t too fleshed out, unfortunately. I hope the light novel about creating ADA - 探偵社設立秘話 - will get into some details. I love the themes about leading a group of people, keeping them together, balancing making hard decisions and still keeping the morale up, achieving goals as a group, not as an individual, or even just convincing other people to be willing to follow you.
Poe is cute, but I agree he lacks development.
And I didn’t notice the Fyodor’s obsession until now, we must have seen different corners of the internet :joy: I agree his motives aren’t really explained too clearly and his main trait for now is being mysterious. I guess I don’t like mysteries that go on for too long. :stuck_out_tongue:
About manga - no, not really. He barely even appears in current arc and he’s not really actively doing anything. He got arrested at the end of the anime, right? So he’s still in prison and while he obviously has some ways of communicating with the outside world, he spend all these volumes of manga just sitting in a cell :joy:
Generally I think “not enough character development” is one of my main complaints about BSD. Too many characters introduced in too short time. I love the meta, and I get the appeal of having a lot of writers’ names included, but when everyone fights for spotlight, it doesn’t really work.

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Omg same tho :joy: Kunikida’s hair has a kink in it and his ponytail goes like コ shaped around his back. And I want a fanart of his hair doing the same thing when it’s down…

Same. I think it’s generally because anime girls tend to have limited types of personalities and they’re not generally the type that I like. However in this show the characters have more depth and don’t exist just to be damsels in distress or love interests, so I really like them.
Kyoka, while a love interest (And the original author she was based off was a male so she was turned into a woman just for this reason, I assume…
Even though this is the case she tends to be the one in charge of their non-existent relationship :joy: Like in Dead Apple (SPOILERRSSSS) Atsushi is the one hiding and Kyoka is the one dragging him around saving him. Which is a nice change of pace from the usually anime…

I’ll protect him anyway :pleading_face:
I don’t really like children or the idea of having any but the minute someone younger than me does anything slightly cute I just
attach and boom they are my child now I will protect you so much as look at them wrong and you lose your eyes :woman_shrugging:
I love Kenji’s design too bc FRECKLES :sob:

Yeah he’s definitely impulsive…
I think Atsushi is too, though. That’s the reason he gets hurt so much in fights, because he just charges without a plan. And that’s the reason he ended up saving Kyoka despite having basically 0% chance of being able to save her.
It’s definitely a bad character trait though, I just think it’s something they both share.
I do like the fact they each have a “little bit” of each other’s look though.
Like Atsushi has a black stripe through his hair, and Akutagawa has white at the end of his hair. And while Akutagawa has both ends of his hair
hang down at the front, while for Atsushi only one side hangs down.
Their clothes contrast each other as well. They’re kind of like Yin and Yang yet so similar :thinking:
~End of me ranting about things everyone already knows but I find interesting~
And yeah, spoilers again for BEAST but Atsushi Is in the Port Mafia instead of Akutagawa. And it shows that if he needed to in order to survive he can become a bad person. While he’s much more guilty and less muderous than Akutagawa he still does what needs to be done.

Not the best if I’m honest :sweat_smile: With Wan I read about a chapter or two a day and it usually takes me about 15 minutes…
For actual books I can get through them in Japanese fairly quickly unless I take my time to make notes for all unknown words. So I’ll probably be done reading it in a few months after it arrives, maybe less depending on my motivation/free time lol.

I think I read somewhere that originally Mori had Elise as a 16-17 yo but lost someone and started materializing her as the younger girl in her place or something? I have no idea if that’s true that could be completely made up. But either way imo it’s still weird.
He is a really good leader I’ll give him that :thinking: I think I prefer Fukuzawa bc he has a soft spot for cats and childrens which I think is sweet…
Mori has a soft spot for children too but maybe not in the right way-I’llstop
Honestly I hope they flesh Fukuzawa out more, I want a origin story of him meeting Ranpo and discovering his gift so bad, watching them together is so cute :sob: Ranpo really acts like a small child around him lmao.

I’ll be 100000000% honest. It’s fanfiction that has given me this conclusion.
I read a lot of fanfiction no I’m not ashamed, and a looot of people really like Fyodor and shipping themselves with him :thinking: I dunno man he’s cool and his hat is kinda nice but that’s about all he’s got going for him really.

Yeah I was disappointed they didn’t give too much attention to Steinbeck and Lovecraft. I guess the story of BSD is focused more on the authors trying to find their way in life, like Dazai and Atsushi and whatnot, so Lovecraft writing just a bunch of monster stories wasn’t exactly something they wanted to focus on, but I wish he had a little more screentime…
I agree they probably should’ve introduced a lot of the characters more…slower. And not all at once, LOL.
Like for the ADA, Atsushi goes and learns about each character one at a time. He meets Dazai adn Kunikida, later Tanizaki, has an episode where he hangs out with Kenji, Yosano, etc. etc. So you get time to know them. But for example with the guild they’re just like “Ye this is them” and then they throw in more groups like
“Yep these people too”
“But who are the-”
“And this one.”
“Now they’re fighting :D”


Just a mention that I’m reading your Beast spoilers for now, as they’re just more or less just a premise, but I’ll probably stop later when you’ll actually start reading the book. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, it’s not like my speed is that great, I’m mostly making up for it by putting in a lot of time. And a few months mean I’ll actually be able to catch up, probably :heart:
But it’s interesting, because 1 chapter of Wan! takes me way more, especially the dense ones. Maybe up to an hour. But at the same time I can finish novel in ~2 weeks when reading a few hours a day. Maybe it’s all thanks to Kindle. Customizable font, built-in dictionary - with built-in dictionary, reading novels may even sometimes be more relaxing than manga for me :joy:
Of course, it depends on the book, I’m still avoiding harder ones.
With Bungou Stray Dogs novels, until now I’ve finished 太宰、中也、十五歳 (I love the simplicity of this title). It’s what was used for first 3 episodes of season 3 in the anime.
There are some changes - for the first 3/4 of the plot, it’s mostly that in novel there are some extra descriptions or maybe a few more lines of dialogue. With my Chuuya fanaticism, it was making me happy anyway. But then the ending is completely remade in anime, and while the result of the battle is the same, the fight itself is different. The novel version also made me [anime/novel spoilers - mastermind name] like Randou, who I didn’t like after the anime. I think his motives are much more better explained in the book, and while of course I still don’t agree with his plan, at least I understand him. The ending in the novel is also longer and more expanded.

My general goal for 2021 is 18 novels, 5 or 6 of which would be BSD. 6th one would be direct sequel to 太宰、中也、十五歳 - STORMBRINGER - and it was supposed to be out in 2020. I was ready to give up on it, but recently [anime/novel spoilers - again, mastermind name from the Fifteen] Asagiri Kafka twitted this about reading Rimbaud and Verlaine books, so it once again gave me hope for a release in the near future.

The other 5 are:
探偵社設立秘話 - the above-mentioned book about origins of ADA
綾辻行人VS.京極夏彦 - someone promised me there is some Chuuya in it
55Minutes - because that’s the last one left with the new material after I’ll read all the others :stuck_out_tongue: It has Atsushi and Akutagawa on the cover, so it might be more interesting for you than me.

The ones I’m skipping for now are Dark Era and Dead Apple, because they were already adapted and while I want to check the changes some day, they aren’t my priority.
It was different with Fifteen, because Chuuya was the main focus.
And with Dead Apple, the movie is the original anyway and the light novel is an adaptation, and it wasn’t written by Kafka Asagiri.
Amazon also lists Scenario&Interview books as a part of the series, but it’s of course a little stretch. I think these are scenarios for the stage plays…? I’m actually a little curious, but it’s veeery low priority.

Wait, what. You mean like self-inserts of the authors?
I’m also totally fine with fanfiction, but self-inserts are a separate category for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, it’s amazing how he makes an ushanka seem cool :joy:

It’s the perfect summary :sparkling_heart:

And how is 太宰治の入社試験 going for now for you?

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Reply squared

I didn’t know Dead Apple wasn’t written by Kafka O: But also that somehow makes a lot of sense…

Basically :laughing: I don’t really read self-inserts I more like the side of fanfiction that keeps to the fiction and…doesn’t involve me. LOL. But if you read fanfiction you see a lot of that especially for Fyodor and Mori :joy:

It’s going pretty good ^0^
I only have read the first chapter because…
To put it simply I have the attention span of a toddler. Now that I’m done with college I will probably spend more time actually finishing it and aim to be done in a couple months. (When I read, I take notes and learn every word I don’t know so this may be a bit of an unrealistic goal but Imma do it anyway :sunglasses:

Did you read The Dazai+Chuuya @ 15 in Japanese? If so how difficult was it?

Honestly, because of the name and the fact most the other books were adapted…I thought this was just the Moby Dick arc and never looked into it :joy: Now that I’m reading about it though now I wanna read it dang.
Also yes my boi is on the front cover so I must read :joy: He better be treated nice or I :gun:

Replying continues

Detailed history goes like this.
First, there was the movie.
According to English Wikipedia, the movie was developed in the campsite retreat (?) where the whole team went to work. I am quite sure I saw the whole team listed as creators of the story somewhere, but I can’t find it now :<. Now I can only find:
Script : Kafka Asagiri, Yōji Enokido
This snippet of info, which is listing Asagiri + one other person as script writers.

And later, there were adaptations in form of both light novel and manga.
Light novel adaptation was written by Iwabatake Hiro and manga was written by Asagiri.

So it’s not like he wasn’t completely involved, my main point earlier was that the movie is the original form of this plot and that he didn’t write the light novel. But he did write the manga adaptation and at the very least helped with the script of the movie, he just wasn’t the sole author of it.

Geez, that’s complicated.

It’s… interesting that it’s mostly these two :grin:
Btw, what was one best BSD fanfic that you’ve read?

You mean done with college completely, not just for holidays? Because I’m not sure if I should be congratulating here. ^^"

Sure, sure, in Japanese. If it wasn’t in Japanese, I wouldn’t make such ambitious goal of reading 5-6 others next year.
It was fine. Challenging, but smooth. Mind you, with Kindle, the fact that BSD likes its old-fashioned/fancy alternatives of kanji doesn’t bother me too much. But I’m still a little afraid that Kunikida’s POV may be harder than narration in Fifteen, even aside of his diary. With Fifteen, the main challenge for me was the way Chuuya talks - all that manly rough casual Japanese :roll_eyes:.
I’ve consulted a friend 3 times, but these weren’t critical problems, just things I wanted to be sure about.
I also know that I have way better understanding and patience and attention span ( :wink: ) with stuff I get emotional about, so it may influence my perception of difficulty. For example, reading Kiki’s Delivery Service was much more exhausting, because it completely didn’t click with me (but I really wanted to finish it anyway), and while people admit it is on the hard end of the Beginner Book Club, it is still considered beginner level. And I was reading 太宰、中也、十五歳 3x quicker than Kiki. :woman_shrugging:
(Edit: I was reading Kiki over the span of the few months, with Repeat Book Club, I’m only comparing daily portions.)

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I've run out of funny summary titles

Isn’t it always :pensive:
I overall didn’t mind the movie although it wasn’t the best thing ever. It was ok but nothing groundbreaking or better than the original BSD storyline, I think.

Let’s be honest it’s probably thirsty 13 yos who are into murderous guys…

Omg that’s so hard :scream: LMAO
I read this really good one in Japanese, I really wish I could find it again…
Basically it was Kunikida interacting with Ranpo and being a softy. It was short but I really enjoyed it because the story is Kunikida trynna be serious and tough and then Ranpo is like “but I want snacks :pleading_face: :point_right::point_left:” and then he’s like dang ok fine I’ll ruin my schedule.
There was also one with Kunikida and Dazai having a heart-to-heart after getting hella drunk. It handled Dazai’s tendency to commit suicide in a much darker tone which I really liked. Because even if he uses humour as a way to cope with it in the end he really is trying to kill himself, and the story was basically Kunikida going off while drunk about how much it genuinely concerns him. It’s good stuff man :pensive: :fist:
So if I had to say my one favourite, it’s probably that? :thinking: It ended up being DazaixKunikida fanfiction but I kinda ship them so it’s fine~
There was one story called Emotions which was a reader insert for Dazai. I don’t like reader inserts normally :no_mouth: But I read it bc it was p good ngl. Basically the mc has the ability to suppress other’s emotions so Dazai uses her to try and cure his loneliness. It’s got an edgy ending, LMAO. I enjoyed it and as long as you just pretend you’re not the mc it’s easy to enjoy…

You asked for one but I could not give, apparently

Yes I’m done done! \o/ Graduated and get my diploma for teaching English in the mail sometime soon…

Niiiiice :heart_eyes: I’ll definitely have to buy it and read it sometime, then.

And as a side note, have you ever listened to the character songs for BSD? I bought the album recently and I think so far my favourites are Chuuya’s, Kunikida’s, Dazai’s, and Tanizaki’s. Dazai’s is low-key depressing and relatable and Chuuya’s just makes me want to get up and dance so…

Very Funny Title

Congratulations, then! :tada:
And good luck on a teacher path! :sparkles:

Well, I knew it it could end in a big pile of recommendations, so I was trying to restrict it… :wink:
These actually sounds good. You say you can’t find the Japanese one, but what about the 2nd and 3rd? Especially 2nd sounds interesting. I like the theme of drinking making people more open about their emotions.

Yes, I’ve listened to them. I like to listen to seiyuu signing in general. And I like songs related to a plot. (That’s why my favorite genre of movies is a musical, but there are many cringy ones, unfortunately.)
And with Chuuya’s seiyuu, I’m also interested in his actual career as a musican (although sooo manyyy of his band’s songs actually became anime openings anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ), so his character song is just another to the collection :grin:

And speaking of Kishou Taniyama. And Mamoru Miyano. And fanfiction. And depression.
My favorite fic ever is DazaixChuuya, but it’s even more meta than BSD itself is.
It’s AU happening in our world, where both characters are musicians whose careers have some loose resemblances to their seiyuus careers. Not much, just like BSD characters only have a few traits of the real people. But songs are real, black nail polish for Taniyama is true, and there is even a reference to the stuff that happened in one entertainment program (the reference is explained under the chapter, I wouldn’t know such details myself :stuck_out_tongue: )
Edit: Of course, characters personality/visuals are still mainly based on BSD, this is DazaixChuuya fanfic, not MiyanoxTaniyama xP
It’s starting as a comedy - premise is that Chuuya got drunk and confessed to Dazai on social media (but when he’s sober, he’s insisting he doesn’t like Dazai) and now there is a buzz all over the internet, so their PR people are forcing them to cooperate for at least some time to use the hype as a marketing tool.
But then it’s gets darker and I think the parts about dealing with depression were very mature and well-written. I think what I loved most is that any changes for the better didn’t happen overnight or after one talk. It was a process, not always simply going forward.
Actually my only complaint is that author wanted Japanese characters put in America and sometimes it gets weird. I think it turned out they were even speaking to each other in English when being alone, because it was clearly mentioned when they changed to Japanese - ummm, why they were even speaking in English in the first place. xP And there are some small details about Japan that seemed not-enough-researched. But really, it’s not the main dish here and this is very minor.

If you feel like you’re interested, and you didn’t already read it before by chance, it’s here: still still still - Chapter 1 - icedlightroast - 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs [Archive of Our Own]

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One More Thing

Oh yeah. I sometimes see opinions that jokes about suicide in BSD are insensitive. But… it is true that some people are covering their suicidal thoughts with acting as a clown. Hell. Even the protagonist of 人間失格 is doing exactly this.
I don’t think BSD jokes are supposed to be funny. I think they are supposed to be bitter.
And my opinion is that treating suicides as a taboo topic is doing more harm.
Maybe I’m giving Asagiri too much credit. And of course I realize these jokes may trigger some people and it could be useful to do a trigger warning when recommending the series to someone new.
I just don’t think it’s so unrealistic behavior like some people assume.

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Honestly I have no idea. LMAO. I think I remember what site I read it on at least. I’m gonna do some fanfiction surfing tonight so if I come across it I’ll let you know and post it here

I do too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a good way to be able to get characters outside of their normal bubble and can lead to some… amusing scenarios

Oh big same. I looove all the seiyuu songs from Hetalia.
Also, I too love Chuuya’s music in general. (Well his seiyuu…too lazy to look up his name. Only names i know off the top of my head are Mamoru Miyano and Uemura Yuuto.
I really admire Chuuya’s vibrato in his voice tbh…
I love singing but I have a hard time making vibrato happen. I guess my voice is very…smooth? If that makes sense :joy: So sometimes I sing his songs to try and practice controlling that.

Already peaked my interest :rofl:

Ohhh thank you thank you that sounds amazing I will give it a read :eyes: :+1:

So this is kinda long and overly personal. But that’s how I roll, so…
As someone who has been very suicidal in the past, I can agree that it’s not unrealistic behavior. Joking about suicide and wanting to die is common with people who are depressed but aren’t open about revealing how they feel.
For me I feel like I understand Dazai’s character a lot. Well not just in the anime, but his real life counterpart as well.
There’s this quote from his book No Longer Human.
“I have always shook with fright before human beings. Unable as I was to feel the least particle of confidence in my ability to speak and act like a human being, I kept my solitary agonies locked in my breast. I kept my melancholy and my agitation hidden, careful lest any trace should be left exposed. I feigned an innocent optimism; I gradually perfected myself in the role of the farcical eccentric.”
And I think that describes Dazai’s personality perfectly, and also is something I relate to.
So I agree that it’s not offensive, and that Asagiri deserves the credit for honestly perfecting how Osamu Dazai described himself in No Longer Human.
I relate to that man so much I needa go back in time and give him a hug :pensive::fist:

Also. My books arrived :open_mouth: Much earlier than they were supposed to…but good!
I opened up to a random page and will say it is easy to understand. I read several pages without needing a dictionary. (As opposed to 太宰治入社試験 which I get like 20 new words every five pages…)
So I’ll probably finish this a lot earlier than I originally predicted.

And I have a MAJOR spoiler below in the summary from what I read


Beast is honestly really depressing. I hope the Dazai in the original Universe does not receive the same fate that this world’s Dazai does. (That fate being, a successful attempt at ending his life.)
Reading it almost made me cry, and I haven’t even read the actual book yet I just read the end for spoilers c’mon :sob: :sob:


But if you won’t find it, it’s okay too!~ Just let me know if you’ll find something especially interesting in the future.

And now I’m starting to get nervous and second-guessing my taste. :sweat_smile: But I still want to know your true opinion!

Ahh, I wish I could sing at all. Mostly I love singing while drunk, but everyone tells me that my singing is unbearable. I even searched for some hints online, but to no avail :cry:

It’s relieving to have my opinion about this validated :sweat_smile:
I was also suicidal in the past, but I had different defense mechanisms, so it’s precious for me to hear an opinion from somebody for whom it is even more relatable.
And I’m thankful to you for being personal, because like I mentioned before, I’m into untabooing things. ^^

Great! :blush:

Hmmm, that’s interesting. That would mean that either my earlier theory about Kunikida’s POV being harder is right or that later light novels are easier in general - maybe due to the readers’ feedback?

Does that mean you’ll be reading BEAST first? Because even if I’m considering catching up to you, I need to know which book to focus on :blush:

I’m honestly curious what can be so major so early, but I’ll guess I’ll uncover it when I’ll get to that.
Mmm… maybe you could provide chapter number and/or page number (for the later comments too), so I’ll be able to know if I’m ready to check that particular spoiler?
Even if I’m on ebook, it’s easy to figure out the approximate page, by using % and the total page numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:
(But not easy with novels book clubs, where the precise number is required.)

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Oh don’t worry. I am extremely easily amused, it’s hard for me to not like something :joy: :+1:

I get told I’m a good singer but I think I’m just average lol. I can hit notes but my vocal range isn’t that good and my voice is too quiet~

People shouldn’t need to hold back if they want to talk about such things, I feel.

Yeah I’ll probably read Beast first. Just because it’s easier, but it’s also new. Since Kunikida’s book was already put in the anime it’s nothing new for me.

Oh it’s a spoiler for the very end of the book. LMAO.
I tend to read the last few pages before I read the rest of the book, a very bad habit of mine :woozy_face: