Bummer when the reading changes

This happens once in a while, and often I wonder if I was remembering wrong or if the reading just changed since my last review.

Today I was reviewing the kanji 綾, which I unlocked back in January, 2019 and am just now trying to burn… I entered りん as usual, and WK said it’s looking for the kunyomi reading, which is not what it wanted for the last two and a half years. I think it’s a little funny considering that there isn’t any vocabulary associated with that kanji (on WK). But I suppose it makes sense because there is a word 綾 (あや) in the real world, and hopefully WK will add that to their vocab soon.

I guess I should be grateful to the have opportunity to learn both readings.

Anybody else caught in a confused state when a reading changed, mid-cycle?


Yep, mine went from enlightened (could have burned it) all the way down to apprentice 1


Also was very confused when I got to 綾. I thought I was starting to lose my mind a little until I saw the mnemonic I added for myself was still referencing the old reading. Then it clicked that they just changed the reading.


Maybe adding a little banner that says it was changed since your last review or something would be nice?