Building a grammar study routine

the thought of mixed kana and romaji gives me shivers of the not-good-kind

Yeah, the “thinking in Japanese” aspect is what I’m aiming for for sure! Sounds like Shin Kanzen Master might be my book! Looking at the sample pages on White Rabbit, I might go with N4 to start with as a refresher.

I don’t see how JFZ could bring anyone to N2, I don’t even think it has N3 grammar points.

Back in the day, I did Sou Matome first for N3, then promptly failed the N3 and went through Shin Kanzen Master’s N3 and thought I learned a lot more. Is it because I had already gone through all of that stuff once? Maybe. But I don’t think it does enough explaining either way. There were many grammar points where I could get an answer right, but I didn’t really understand what they were. Though the Reading Comprehension book was really good I thought. That one probably helped me more than the grammar book. I had gotten into a nice rhythm with it.

Oh, however the company that makes the Sou Matome books also makes that 500 Question book. That is worth getting.

I love wanikani’s system, it is so motivating for me. I think it’s not just the SRS but because I know my reviews will pile up if i dont do them everyday it means im using wanikani everyday. Grammar books and even bunpro reviews can always wait.

I aim to do my bunpro reviews daily and when I actually do I can tell its working but I just wish it could notify me or something to get me to go every day!


I’ve got assorted reminder alarms on my phone and tablet to give me these sorts of prompts, otherwise I get stuck into doing something and half the day has gone!

You might try AJATT, and just try not to accept the sense of defeat… (Anyway, almost winning and almost always winning is not the same thing.)

Another way is get a real classroom or a tutor… I want to get one too!

I got stuck in the first chapter of Genki, but I’ll probably pick it up eventually. For me, adding cards about Tae Kim’s sections as they are ordered in his e-book and working through Bunpro have been the easiest for me to work through 1 bit at a time and follow through on.

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bunpro actually ended up confusing me a lot, personally ;; One grammar resource I’ve been using recently that I really like a lot is LingoDeer! It’s a mobile app and you can download the lessons to study without internet. It’s sort of Duolingo style without cutting out all the grammar explanations (which I love). I really like using it for listening/speaking practice (the audios’s pretty great imo) and I find by the end of each lesson I have a pretty good handle on grammar points I didn’t know at all at the beginning.

They’ve also added reminder notifications in a recent update (since you mentioned that as something you’d like to have haha)

Just looking into this and I like this idea! Thanks!

I really wish I had the option to take it in a class. Tutors are too expensive and a class isn’t an option as I live in basically nowhere.

@hatchan We apologize for not making Bunpro easier to follow. However, it sounds like you have the process down pat. If you have any feedback on Bunpro or if there is anything that we can do to make your experience more enjoyable, we would love to hear from you! Cheers!

@sigolino We are sorry to hear that you are not particularly fond of Bunpro. Is there something that we can do to improve your experience? Cheers!

@cheeksie We hope to make Bunpro more addictive/motivating in our next update! Please let us know what we can do to improve the site for you. Cheers!

@Pluckabee Thank you for all of your comments and for providing valuable information to everyone on this thread. We currently have an app that is being beta tested that we hope will help motivate you to do your reviews. If you have any additional information on how we can improve the site to make your experience more enjoyable, please let us know. Cheers!


Nothing necessarily wrong with Bunpro itself, I just don’t like SRS to learn grammar and I’m used to textbooks, so I don’t mind using them. There’s nothing to be done about that, and I’m sure it’s a good resource for a lot of people. It’s just not my thing.

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@sigolino Thank you so much for your answer! Happy studying! Cheers!

If you are on iOS, you could apply for the beta test of the app which will bring notifications with it.

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@pushindawood: What are your plans for an Android beta of BunPro?

The development of the Android App seems to be on hold.
The BunPro team has not the expertise to develope mobile apps, so the development right now is completely voluntary by third party developers.

I noticed that there are a lot of developers here, so maybe there are people who could help :slight_smile:

First thing that comes to mind is pretty much what everyone else has mentioned regarding notifications/motivation. One thing I think WaniKani does really well is that it compels you to use it everyday (though this is partly out of fear I guess, since I don’t want my review load getting too heavy haha :sweat_smile: ). Maybe I haven’t used Bunpro enough to hit this point though.

Now that I think about it, one other thing that I think would be really helpful would be to alert users that “hey, you’ve got all these new grammar points available to learn!” Like what WK does with the lessons counter. I think this was my main confusion with Bunpro at first. It feels like I have to seek out the grammar lessons rather than the app telling me “you should look at this next!”

sorry if this is a little stream of conciousness, I just got up haha

Could you elaborate more about why you’re not fond about Bunpro? I’ve been thinking about using it to aid my N2 studies but I’d like some opinions before diving into it.

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I answered this a few comments above. Basically, I can’t give a helpful opinion because it’s not something I would want to use in the first place.

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