Brief survey on learning Japanese with internet resources, and possible interviews


Done!! I could do an interview if you are interested. Just let me know.

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Submitted survey!

I usually only use online sources for kanji learning. I put that under reading. I didn’t know how to classify that.

Oh I forgot listening!! I listen to online radio too
Also available to do more in-depth answers if you need more people.

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This made me self-reflect on my language learning journey so far. Living in the middle of nowhere in a rural area, internet apps have greatly increased my language ability. (Good luck finding a native Japanese speaker where I live). Just having an internet connection allowed me to start learning Japanese as a third/fourth language.

While I feel some questions could benefit from some deeper answers, I guess that’s what the interviews are for. I’d be up for an interview if you need more people too. :slight_smile:

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Also did the survey! I read quite a lot of manga on bookwalker etc…I presumed that would come under ebooks but wasn’t 100%. It’s a a bit of a weird one in general - as an activity I don’t really differentiate reading physical books/manga in Japanese from digital versions - it just depends on what I happen to be reading at the time -so my estimate of time spent was very approximate. However having things available digitally does make them a lot easier to access so perhaps that’s why they are listed?

Anyway, any follow up needed feel free to reach out :slight_smile:

done. Although I don’t really think the question Approximately how long have you been studying Japanese? can give objective data.
A guy who studied for 6 months 3 hours a day most likely going to have a higher level compared with the one who just dabbles with language occasionally for 3+ years.

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Just so you know, I’m 16 and therefore had to choose the 18-25 age range. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people here are in their teens too (because anime and stuff) so this age range could be more representative of something like 14-25.


I think the “add a time to a bookmark” feature is relatively new, maybe 6 months old (or a year? :sweat_smile: Time flies, you know) so don’t worry too much about it :wink:

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I took your survey just now but I’m not really sure how much it will actually help you because I found your usage of some terms pretty confusing :sweat_smile:

These terms are “spend online” vs “internet resources” in combination with the options you offer.

  • E-Books: While I downloaded them digitally, I use them offline (downloaded onto my phone) - so this is an internet resource but not time that I spend online.

  • Forums, text chat: While I use them online, I don’t consider them to be “resources” in the pure sense of the word - they are rather a means of async communication to me

  • Online courses, video chat: While I use them online, they are interactions with people, and people are not “resources”.

Also, your question “Which of the following would you consider to be the greatest drawback of studying Japanese online?” and the options you offered for it rather seem to mean the question “Which of the following would you consider to be the greatest drawback of studying Japanese online by yourself / on your own / alone?” But in the initial list of resources you also mention video chat and online classes, so the provided options do not match well for me.

Sorry for being so harsh on your survey, but I had to go back and forth quite a bit between the questions while answering it (mainly because I was surprised and/or confused) and so I thought maybe my feedback will help you for further surveys :slight_smile:

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NicoleRauch, not harsh at all and I appreciate everyone’s comments. This is basically the first survey I have ever created (I am more of a qualitative analysis person and not so great with numbers or statistics) so it’s good to learn what may have gone wrong. There is a lot of overlap between online and internet and mobile technologies and I didn’t consider enough about downloading resources for offline use.

I took the issues into account and added an open-ended questionnaire that doesn’t focus only on internet learning and has more questions about positive and negative experiences and more room to explain an individual’s language level and routine. (@sycamore , @Muscleman , @Nemuitanuki , @Pizh , @NyappyTiramisu Since you all expressed interest in in-depth followup questions, you can answer here if interested: )
I’m going to use this when doing my in-person interviews next week in hopes of getting more in-depth information to go with the survey. I’m grateful to everyone who has taken the time to participate or comment so far!


Same here. :wink:
Although my reason for learning Japanese is not anime and stuff.

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Technically due to laws in the US where I am, surveying people under 18 is not recommended without getting their parental permission, which is why the ages started at 18. Sorry! I added a note that participants should be 18+.

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All good! Hope your project goes well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Done did it!
If you want an interview, I’m open for it if you want.


done! Hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:

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Wow, now that was a very interesting survey! Filled it in, and I’m happy to run an interview with you if you’d like. (My email address is in my forum header, so please feel free to get in touch whenever.)


I think the survey is a good starting point, even if it isn’t going to capture all the aspects of learning with online resources.
Something I noticed as missing was an indication of what users pay for the resources (sorry if that sounds brutally capitalist; I don’t think people who don’t to pay to learn are worse at learning than people who do pay). That reminded me of another thread here, where Wanikani level by subscription type was analysed:What is the level distribution on here? - #11 by anon92537032
Not sure if that is within the scope of your analysis, but I thought you might be interested.


Thank you agray for the link to that thread. Very interesting stats there!

Thank you to everyone who responded! The survey is now closed and you can see the summary of results here: Japanese Online Learning Survey
I will report back soon with the full results/discussion of my study for those interested.

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