Bothered by this useless vocabulary!

Today I was confronted by the following vocabulary word in my lesson: 仲良し. This word means “Close friend.”

Now, WaniKani should know that if I had any 仲良し, I would not be studying kanji ten times a day!

Please remove this vocabulary immediately and provide monetary compensation for the time that I have wasted.

Thank you.

P.S. Please remove 外 as well for the same reasons outlined above.


Thought it was going to be about 河豚(ふぐ) again


@melodelfe They should add 引き籠もり just for you while they’re at it!

(In fact, 籠 doesn’t appear to be on WaniKani, so maybe that’s actually a good idea!)


I see you finished level 11 recently. How did you cope with hearing how 指 sounds in the Tokyo dialect? That one hit me pretty hard. I can only imagine what it was like for you.


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