Books to learn Japanese From

Does anyone know good books for visual learners? What about the analytical types? How about a combo of the two? Here, you can get together and discuss the resources you or others might have found, regarding Japanese. List the website or store, as well as the title please!

Hello! Any books anyone recommends?

Over here you’ll find a huuuuuuuuuuge list of resources, including textbooks:

Visual and analytical learning seems to me to be two diametrically opposed methods.

Japanese is a language, and visual learning will likely be difficult.

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Hey! Thanks for responding!

By visual, I meant using pictures to help people remember, just as Wanikani uses mnemonics to help people learn Japanese. Visual learning could also include less long, wordy texts, and more of little blurbs of information. The “Talk to Me in Korean” books teach like this.

Analytical learning could be supported with the long wordy texts by contrast, along with less pictures.

Sorry I wasn’t clear on that!!

Ahh thank you! I have been trying to find resources for a long time, and I’m sure many others agree. I appreciate your contribution!

You will probably enjoy the “Japanese Graded Readers” series. It doesn’t so much teach you the language, but it is simple reading materials for every level, and is heavily visual.

On the analytical front, you have the Japanese Dictionaries of grammar. These are very lean but thorough explanations of Japanese grammar.

Thanks!! I’ll have to check out all of these resources

I guess check out Japanese From Zero. It’s not visual per se, but it’s far less analytical than something like Genki. It emphasizes use over analysis, so might be more up your alley. There’s also an accompanying Youtube channel.

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