Blow your brains out

I just mastered every starting radical except cross because I just instinctively entered ten instead of actually thinking at all. I realized what was happening as I pushed enter but it was too late…Cry. It’s one of those days. How about you guys?


There’s always override scripts. But, make sure you have enough self control to not abuse them.


TBH, I just added ten as a synonym for that radical.
and added synonyms to all the rest of the radicals…

That way, I don’t feel like wanting to kill myself when I get them wrong.

IDK if this is the best way to go about it though. I’m only 2 levels ahead of you.

Maybe a senpai can offer advice?


You are supposed to use the radicals as mnemonics in later levels. There is an argument there for not adding other synonyms.

But to be honest, adding the kanji meaning to the radicals as “silent” synonyms has been talked about for ever now (radical update when?). Looks like WK themselves are adding them. I don’t think it would hurt much if at all.

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Hopefully, those updates come soon.

It just gets pretty frustrating when I’m in the zone and radical 一, for instance, comes up and I type “one”.


I have found that if you delete the tab in the middle of a review session and switch to a different device, the wrong answers won’t save and you can redo them

That might happen only with kanji and vocab items. Radicals only need 1 answer so… :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I went for the ignore script option.

That way, when I get a radical-kanji wrong (like “ten” for 十, or “one” for 一), I get reminded of the actual answer (where synonyms just tell you you’re right), and then I ignore the wrong answer without remorse so I can focus on actual kanji.

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Personally I don’t care about overriding the wrong answers on radicals. A lot of times their meaning just ends up messing with the the actual kanji meaning that you need to know. Also, while you’re learning new kanji, there’s always the option to check which radicals they use. Eventually, the kanji will become a single image in your brain and you no longer need the radicals. Radicals are more important to differentiate similar kanji and to make your own mnemonic/understand WK’s mnemonics.


The problem with changing the meaning of a radical is stories won’t make sense when trying to learn a kanji later on (unless you create your own story as well, or the new radical meaning fits perfectly with every WaniKani story using it). For that reason, It’s better not to change them, but if that works for you, then keep doing it :slight_smile:

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Thanks, guys! I’ll probably change to using the ignore script then.

Nah, you can totally plug in ten to any cross story and it will make complete sense. For example, Jesus was crucified on the Ten, that is why is called “hanging ten”. That was a totally real example, btw…


Yeah, that’s what I was saying, if you change the meaning of the radical you have to create your own stories instead of the WaniKani ones!

Ain’t nothing wrong with coming up with your own mnemonics.

I thought it a bit daft that all of the number-kanji-which-are-also-radicals retain their meanings as radicals except for 1 and 10, and doubly daft that he replaces the name for 十 but then retains the “twenty” meaning of 廾. I feel like you can’t really have it both ways.

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