Biribiri Beats


Are you still on the forum?

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I take that like as a Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

How often do you use Amazon Germany? or where do you get your manga/anime related books from?

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I don’t know why you put all that text into spoiler tags but it has been years since I bought any manga / anime related books here in Germany. I’ve only gotten back into it since starting with learning Japanese :eyes: But still, I use Amazon Germany relatively regularly. Is there anything you want to know? :thinking:

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Just being a bit more extra cautious for a day or two :wink:

Do you prefer to get a manga book or two packs of WK stickers or something else from the store like the particles ebook or 4500 sentence ebook etc.? I’d be happy if you were to be silent about this conversation for a few more days :slight_smile: Hope no one bothers to look here for a few day.

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I don’t know what you are talking about :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hypothetically, If you had to get a manga book of your choice or 2 packs of WK stickers or 1 Enamel pin and 1 pack of WK stickers, what would you get? Hypothetically…

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Thanks for spending your valuable time on improving my Hypothesis :wink:

If I have kept you waiting, you are free to go to sleep :slight_smile:

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I own a bit less than you :stuck_out_tongue: But I am quite proud of my collection as everything is pricier here just because the dollar conversion rate is horrible and general income is trash XD, hope I can bother you senpai with some gaming knowledge from time to time.

I sold my hacked PS2 to a friend who takes better care of it than what I could ( he works in the gaming shop where I buy most of my stuff) My Ps3 is in my older sister’s house where my brother in law plays lots for entertainment and English studies.
I have a regular Ps4.
After that, I have a Gameboy color, Gameboy advance, Gameboy advance Sop, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSI, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo Switch.
And my new laptop that finally has dedicated video card, so I will be starting FF14 with my sister this week!
I have TWENY for the DS brand new in it’s plastic even, but I debate getting it on Switch and just preserving it… considering I have a few friends I could just borrow it from
Let me know if you want the fanfare script! I’m a bit protective of it because I really can’t code at all and it feels incredibly special XD. But I would also like for other FF fans to enjoy…
KH3 let me satisfied just because I’m a crier and I eat up all that about friends being my power but the story is less… intuitive? with every entry. I can’t pick the controller to play the DLC without feeling annoyed yet.


The laptop never got cheaper but my dad helped me get it T-T #blessed
It’s amazingly fast and I can work and study on it without issues so I’m officially back!

I’m still lv 38 or 39 in Pokémon Go, will try and reach 40 next year!
Wizards Unite is really fun but a lot of the extra stuff seems ridiculously expensive T-T

I hope you get an amazing deal on a brand new PS4, I thought with the Cyberpunk debacle and new PS5 they would be cheaper (are you in the US?) Here in DR is usually better to just travel and bring it with you or get it from a local store because most laptops or gaming consoles pay 18% in custom taxes… Dominican Pesos are worth… nothing XD

If you ever get back to FF14, I’ll be starting in a few days in the USA servers, I have no idea what I’ll be but I’m extremely excited about ittttttt!

My heart goes BiriBiri because you are so niceeeee! <3
I know it’s been forever since I was last here but I hope the grudging weeks are in the past for you.




Both of you will receive an email from the WK team if you haven’t already received it. Please reply back with the required details. Thanks :slight_smile:


Awesome :grin:

Sweet. No hurry, take your time.

Never spent any amount on Wizards Unite, unless you count the first and only WU Festival last year :wink: It was fun :grin:

I don’t have any hopes at the moment. Last year my friend bought a brand new PS4 for $199 and this year it is full price at $299 :fearful: At the same time I don’t want to go for PS5 because Trinity san’s explanation makes sense and $500 seems too high a price for my first console.

Yes, I live in US atm.

That is sweet of you panda san :slight_smile:

Yes, I got over that slump :grin:

@TrinityBringer san

None. Only played mobile games on my phone.

Pokemon Go
Stardew Valley
Genshin Impact

I will try Stardew valley. Maybe learn a bit of farming, try to live with the nature and spend time in Idyllic places :slight_smile:


A lot to name. Mostly biographies, manga and light novels

Kingdom Manga (Hara Sensei is ridiculously good. Can’t recommend enough. The art is a glory on its own.)
Avatar Kyoshi (2 Prequels) (Easily the best novel I read this year. And looking at how high expectations it needed to reach, it didn’t just reach them - it blew past them in style)
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Novel) (Reinhard and Yang Wen Li - Need I say more)

I am torn between choosing Rangi from “Avatar Kyoshi” and Yang Wen Li from “Legend of the Galactic Heroes”. Both are characters I love and respect. Maybe Rangi gets the edge because it would be cool to fire bend while rocking a top knot in cool crimson gear :wink:

(All my picks are war heavy and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t make out of it alive in any of them :joy: So I did my best :stuck_out_tongue:)

It took me 11 days :joy: (almost time for the next session) But I finally answered the questions.

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Yes, it will be a while before we get S5.

Awesome. I bought one almost 6 months ago. read only 2 pages so far :stuck_out_tongue:

YEAH :smiley:

You are good. No worries. Take care :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your kind words senpai :slight_smile:

I am tagging you in my thread. We can chat here in summaries. If you want to do it in poll threads or email, I am okay with those options too.


Which ones have you been reading? I’ve got a bit of free time left this week, which means I’ll probably burn through a book or 3.


Which one would you prefer B san?

Light Novels?
Other Serious stuff?

How were your submissions and exams?

Edit: I am going to sleep. I can modify the suggestions tomorrow morning based on your reply.

Figuring - Mario Popova (Founder of one of my top 3 fav blogs - Brain Pickings)
If you are looking for a comedy - Kaguya Sama
Light Novels?
Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Other Serious stuff?
What you do is who you are - Ben Horowitz


i did recieve it this morning when i had a quick break from sewing, thankyou, thankyou so much for doing somethign like this! it really touched a sweet spot in my heart kyoka san, i know it hasn;t been the case for many but this yaer for me has been full of silver linings.


I’ve been reading a lot of light novels lately. But I’ll read pretty much anything.

Already up to date on that one :grin:

I read this one too after I watched the anime. :grin: They released the English version of the 10th novel just last year I think, so I kind of got lucky that I only started this January.

I’ll have to take a look at the other recommendations. I haven’t heard about those yet.


I really need to read this! I’m a big Avatar fan myself! :eyes:

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Sorry for the late reply I got distracted :rofl:
I just wanted to say thank you so much I think it’s really sweet what you did :pray: :heart:
And please don’t let the other people stress you out (I know that kind of stuff stresses me out at least…
Anyway I want to give you a gift back |o/ :sparkles:


I did receive an email from the WK team! and replied back.

I haven’t been online much lately, so I may be lacking a lot of context, but whatever it is that comes out of that email, thank you!

I’ll probably follow up with a more appropriate thank-you message once I receive whatever it is in the mail (have not received anything yet) :smile: