Beyond Sleepy’s (pillow fort?) study log

Will do!

I’m going to call it a day now in terms of forum interactions tho. See ya :wave:


I’m not done studying for today, but I have done my reviews, 10 lessons, 10 new Anki cards, one kanji practice sheet, watched one Cure Dolly video, and read a couple pages of よつばと!

Here are my attempts at parsing the text:

おーーーもうすぐだぞー よつば

We’re almost there, Yotsuba

すげえ, とーちゃん

Amazing! Dad


There are a lot of houses here!


That’s right. There are shops here too~


There are shops!?


Wow!! there are so many people!


Is today a festival!?

btw, is this really supposed to be う and not と⁉︎



It’s a school, a school


Speaking of, the summer break starts tomorrow

When it comes to grammar study, kanji practice sheets, and anime I’ve decided to aim for 5 days a week rather than every day, with the option of “saving up” some days off by doing more in one day… I spent more time on Japanese than I’d imagined I would today while trying out the full routine I’ve imagined for myself, and while I think combining it with university will be doable I also think it’s fragile in terms of unforeseen variations in workload over the semester so I’m just adding some slack to my plan right now so I won’t feel like a failure when I inevitably need it:p


Wow fantastic! Seems like you’ve been able to focus your energy into a lot of different areas today :slight_smile: Yay for よつばと!

Haha I believe so - I made that mistake, and someone pointed it out to me. now I look at it as と points left and う points right! Overall you did a wayyy better job parsing these pages than I did when I started :smiley:

I completely feel the same “fragility” of having a substantive day and knowing it won’t always be like that based on other needs to attend to in life, but as I’ve recently been trying to look at it, if I just keep doing what my brain can reasonably handle (meaning not maxing it out simply to feel like I’ve accomplished more when I may have hurt it more) I will keep moving forward at the best pace :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley: I’ll try to do it every day, more or less, if possible. I also watched an episode of にちじょう with Japanese subtitles today. I didn’t understand much tho, but the site I’m watching on has some neat Japanese learning features I will make use of in the future.


:man_facepalming: how did I not notice that at any point?

A combination of, google, and the vocab sheet from the よつばと! Vol 1 bookclub, and I did watch Cure Dolly’s lessons 1 - 20 a little over a year ago and that probably helped as well (but I’m starting from scratch again with her lessons now).

True! But we do need to make some up front judgements about what our brains can handle, and also about what our brains can handle over time versus on a day by day basis. I’m also considering the merits of always stoping while I feel I can do more, because as you say, maxing out your daily potential is probably harmful unless coupled with frequent rest and recovery periods:)


I’m quite impressed you are able to even understand some of it! My goal for listening is quite far off in the future I’m afraid :laughing: That definitely looks like a great website - keep me posted, I may want to try it at some point!

HAHA I felt the same way!

Ah yeah! I did not have the vocab sheet yet on those pages + I was silly and did not know how to input vocab/sentences correctly :sweat_smile: Jealous you already have quite the Cure Dolly background that just needs refreshing! I am up to lesson 5 but have not watched it yet. I still hope I have the majority of lessons 1-4 understood at this point…

I completely agree! My recent slowing down has relieved a lot of the pressure I put on myself too.


I’ve had a productive day and done basically all the things I did yesterday, minus the kanji practice sheet.


よつばと!🍀 “translation”


It’s dangerous to lean out too far


That woman waved (her hand)!


You should wave back dad!


Dad’s hands can’t let go, don’t you see?


My part (of the waving) Yotsuba (must) do for me.

(Didn’t manage to break down the details of what’s happening here, but I guess this is the gist of it)


Look! We’ve arrived~


Arrived? Where have we arrived?


«Where» you ask🙄


Shouldn’t you know?:sweat_smile:

あ‼︎ ジャンボだ‼︎

Ah!! It’s Janbo/Jumbo!!

I’m hesitant to call this translation, it’s more like an interpretation of what might be said based on imperfect knowledge of the language🙃


Looks great to me! Again, way better than my first attempt :laughing: and yes, I feel like I am “interpreting” all the time as well - but someone told me this is a part of reading manga! Since it’s my first one, I’m just being a little generous to myself :slight_smile:

PS. love the :four_leaf_clover: factoid the study guide mentions - I did not know this and it’s super cute how it relates to her hair!


Just wanted to drop in and say I hope your よつばと! reading went well today! I read some example sentences in my All About Particles book to keep up with the reading challenge :slight_smile: :four_leaf_clover:


It didn’t go too well, I only got four hours of sleep yesterday and I found page 11 quite challenging so I didn’t finish it. I decided to give it another go this morning and count it towards yesterday’s reading.

I’m not sure what she’s saying but I feel it

But I did do my due diligence with Wanikani and Anki, I watched a couple episodes of anime with Japanese subtitles (I didn’t understand much), and I watched one Cure Dolly episode.

🍀Here is “yesterday’s” よつばと pages 🍀






Jumbo!! Long time no see!!


Oh! Yotsuba :grin:


Have you been well?


Woah~ Stop it😄


As for Yanda, (has he come/done whatever he was supposed to) yet?


Aa- something (job, errand) came up for him, so he can’t come


That guy is no good


Jumbo, you’ve grown since the last time I saw you!


Oh? Where did you pick up that line?


Well, that’s all right. Jumbo can do two people’s worth of work.

Not sure what しな is doing here.


I will do no such thing. I refuse to work under such conditions


(Not sure about this one)


I’ll work!


Ooh! That’s very admirable, Yotsuba!


Your dad’s no good tho


Dad is no good!!


Did someone say sleep??


Yes, I’m all out, could you lend me some?


Oh I have excess sleepiness

I gift you 10 mins of sleeps


Thank you :pray: Imma just cash them in right now :zzz:


Aw, well I hope you catch up on some sleep soon! I’m awake and it’s still dark out, so I will look at page 11 when it gets light out because I don’t want to turn on a light :laughing: However - again - your attempt with reading looks fantastic below! I struggled a lot at that part as well if I remember, then I started getting a tad more in line with my “interpretation” if you will!

:white_check_mark: , :white_check_mark: , :white_check_mark: , :white_check_mark: !!! Sounds great on so little sleep! After yesterday Dolly lesson 6, I have trepidation about starting lesson 7 today or not :grimacing:

HAHAH! This made my morning. I don’t know where you find these adorable little Yotsubas!


I’ve been entirely useless today… It’s obviously all on me but I’d like to lay some of the blame on AGDQ and some on the person in POLLs who recommended Deaths Door… I’ve got a headache from playing too long:/ Bah. If my headache goes away soon then I’ll at least do Anki and Wanikani today, and I’ll get back on the horse tomorrow regardless :upside_down_face:

🍀🍀🍀here, crop as needed:🍀🍀🍀


You and me both! I whittling away at my mountain of reviews today, but aside from that I just want to read some sort of easy Japanese to keep up with the challenge! Hope your headache goes away pronto! :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you :relaxed:

Let’s both do better tomorrow :muscle::triumph:


Death’s Door was such a fun game! I watched the run on AGDQ too; it’s absolutely wild just how out of order they ended up playing it. Speed runs are amazing.

Glad you’re into it, headaches aside. And you’ve gotta hold onto that image for when you reach the Death levels, haha.


I couldn’t watch the speed run ‘cause 1:15AM but I’m looking forward to watching the VOD after I’ve beaten the game:) Not so much looking forward to the Death levels based on your comment:p


Oof yeah timezones. It happened to be a nice enough time where I am. Worth waiting to not spoil bosses, anyway.

Ehh they’re not so bad! Death is death, that’s all. Other than 21 being weirdly hard. I saw a thread about hardest level and it came up a lot – lo and behold, it’s my lowest accuracy level. But once I got going in the death levels I’ve rather liked them, they have a lot of useful kanji I could either immediately start putting into practice in reading or that I recognize already from stuff I’ve read.