Beyond Sleepy’s (pillow fort?) study log

I read only one page again, but did a bunch of listening and managed to at least follow the topics and understand fragments to a larger extent than I’ve gotten used to. So that was encouraging:)

In my 1k Anki deck today I encountered two words that puzzled me a bit: 優しい - nice, kind and 女優 - actress which made me wonder wether the kanji implied a positive view of acting or a cynical view of kindness :stuck_out_tongue: turns out it’s a positive view of acting :upside_down_face:

よつばと!vol1, cha3, pp92 🍀

——— 92 ———


This drawing is bad, however it’s nicely done! I like it! (I wasn’t able to figure out what kind of も this is)


Well then, you’ll have to thank her (for the drawing) right?


That’s right isn’t it!! I’ll head over and say thanks!

——— end ———