Best Vocab SRS platform and deck?

It’s been a while since I last studied Japanese, so I am just trying to catch up on any new resources since then.

I can only find old threads mentioning either the Anki deck ‘So Much Vocab’ or the Kitsun deck ‘10K - Kitsun Optimised’.

Are these still the best decks/platforms available for increasing Vocab?

I am looking to learn the most frequently used words first as I’m studying WaniKani for kanji, BunPro for grammar and want to gather vocab from another source.

I’m using with 10k vocab sentences voiced. Good stuff.

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I can’t find the one you mentioned, do you mean the one I linked to in my post?

If not can you share your link please?

I prefer Anki with the Core 10k deck

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Just in case anyone see’s this thread wondering the same question.

I have tried both and have decided to go with the Kitsun deck I mentioned in the initial question.

The reasons for this are:

  • The platform appears to be far more stable and easier to use than Anki (Especially the iOS app I use)
  • The progress is backed up online so if I have to reset my phone/PC I don’t lose any progress
  • The decks are updated and fixed in real time by the community feedback

If you don’t want to pay for a subscription you could get by on Anki, but Kitsun feels like the better of the two and is well worth the reasonable subscription fee given the ease of use and the overall benefits.

I prefer sending vocabularies from Takoboto to AnkiDroid (on Android), although I realized Akebi could do the same. (There are also JLPT vocabulary lists.)

Although the default template works, at least the font is wrong. (It uses Chinese variant of Kanji.) I made a lot of customization.

I also do writing on Samsung tablet with S pen with KanjiStrokesOrder font.

This is true for Anki as well. You just need to sign up for Ankiweb.

Overall I prefer Anki; Kitsun is very barebones with the SRS algorithm and it’s customisation. No ease, learning steps or interval optimization, so I feel like you lose a lot in efficiency.

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Anki for the customisability.

Nukemarine’s decks for this vocab series for the native audio and i+1 sentences. You can find him on reddit. Show him proof of purchase and he’ll send you the decks.

I like being able to add the audio files for cards I’ve studied to a folder that I can listen to on a loop. It means I already know the vocab and can practise specifically with recognising it by hearing rather than by sight.

It is true that Anki is more customizable. The benefit of Kitsun though is that you can go on autopilot more, and the interface is prettier to look at. I find kitsun way easier and less painful to do which is why I’m doing kitsun consistently and dropped anki a few times.

Depends on your preference.

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