Best Thing to Try and Read

Ah ok yeah, I see the でし thing. That’s Sheldon from Splatoon (なる has a few crossover works between that and Pikmin), a character I know nothing about so for all I know he may talk like that in the source material. Your point about it being a possible speech tic still stands, though.

Edit: Now that I think about it, でし also sounds awfully close to でした (just drop the た.) Though I’m just shooting in the dark, whether it’s meant to be past or non-past form is probably implied by the context in which it’s spoken anyway.

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Japanese Pikmin stuff is part of my motivation to learn Japanese, so it was inevitable that I’d bring it up at some point, lmao.

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I would echo what @NicoleIsEnough said about Spice and Wolf. I still have to refer back to the English translation sometimes when the sentences get convoluted.

What I would recommend is the ミラーさん books by Minna No Nihongo:


I sort of agree with this, and sort of don’t. It absolutely is important that you’re interested in the material you’re reading – it’s hard work, especially starting out, and you need to be motivated to keep plugging away at it. On the other hand, most people have a range of different books/manga/etc that they would find interesting and fun to read, and it’s probably better to pick something that’s in that range and also at the easier end of the difficulty scale to start with, rather than selecting purely on level-of-interest. Crashing into a difficulty wall is also likely to make you give up…


I actually just ordered them last night. They keep popping up on Amazon, on random website advertisements, WK topics. The fates were telling me to buy them, so I did. Mike Miller, you 'n me 'bout to become besties!

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