Best textbook for an absolute beginner in your opinion?


Are you set on the idea of a physical textbook or would you be happy to work from online sources?

There’s been a fair bit of work put into developing The Ultimate Additonal Japanese Research List! so I’ll share those recommendations:

Personally, I find using BunPro for grammar and then browsing the additonal reading they suggest to be a great way to absorb grammar points, but if you want a physical textbook then Genki is the most widely recommend. You can also use it alongside things like BunPro (for grammar SRS) and (for vocabulary SRS) as people have already done work to make a route (for the former) and a card pack (for the latter) that has all the Genki grammar points and vocab :3

As the quote above says, Genki is fairly classroom focussed, so you might find it doesn’t suit you for self study. I personally use LingoDeer for general Japanese study, with the above solution of BunPro + KitSun for long term memory.