Benkyou - study WaniKani on the go with swipe flashcards. iOS and Android


Thanks, I think I’ll add a way to set a threshold for Critical Items next. That should let you target leeches.


This looks fantastic! I’ve actually gone through kanji on the WaniKani site myself when I felt like I needed a little extra study for certain kanji, but eventually it felt too tedious. I love that you’ve created a way to study Wanikani specific items in a simple way outside the official WaniKani interface, and even go beyond current levels to get ahead/prepped for things like JLPT! Looking forwards to using this!


This is an amazing idea! Thank you so much!

Do you think it’s possible to have a Burned category so that we have a chance to review the radicals, kanji and vocabulary?

How do you feel about an option to select kanji from multiple levels for review?


Thank you! Let me know if there’s anything I can improve


Thank you so much!

Do you think it’s possible to have a Burned category so that we have a chance to review the radicals, kanji and vocabulary?

I think I might be able to do that. It might take me a while to add that, but I’ll add it to my list.

How do you feel about an option to select kanji from multiple levels for review?

Do you want to pick cards individually, or select multiple levels and study all the kanji from those levels?


This looks really useful! I’ll have to download it today.


This is nice. BUT I’m just swiping through and it says I have a bunch “incorrect”? I didn’t see where it was even testing me? Is there something I am missing?


You can tap the card to see the answer, swipe left to mark it wrong, swipe right to mark it correct. Sorry that didn’t come across. Do you think a tutorial would help here?


This looks really slick! I’d like to throw my vote behind leech training/critical threshold as well. I’ve started putting my worst leeches in an Anki deck so I can review them more often but it’s a pain to maintain.

For people like myself who’ve never used Tinder and don’t have muscle memory for that kind of thing, it would be good to have it mentioned somewhere.


This is a really nice app. Agree that a tutorial would be helpful although you might also have the option of a visual aid. I just swiped a bunch wrong on my first go even though I’d read the above conversation!:joy:

Also I loved the playlist idea. Maybe you could add some Japanese music ones? I’m sure there’d be people here who could help with that?

I think I’ll probably continue to use this more regularly that some of the other options simply because it can be used when you have a few spare minutes. Looking forward to the planned changes.


Thank you! I’m sure I’m not the only one who wonders if I actually remember everything I’ve burned.

Ideally, I’ll be studying all the kanji. I think it’s a bit too tedious to pick them one by one. However, I’d like an option to review the kanji from more than one level at a time.

Same. I’ve never used Tinder before and was surprised that things were actually marked right and wrong when all I was doing was to see if there were different ways to swipe the cards. I was thinking, “Oh, you can swipe left and right but not up. Weird.” Lol.

Again, thank you for making this. I can see myself using it a lot and am excited to see how you’ll continue to develop it!


I do. That really isn’t explained anywhere. So, does that mean some of the answers are wrong and you have to say left for wrong and right for right?


Thanks for making this app. Giving it a go and liking it so far!!!


Everything that’s shown on the card is correct. Swipe left if you didn’t remember the answer to the card. This system helps you narrow down the cards that you don’t remember (or got wrong), so you can focus on studying those the next round.


Ahh! Gotcha! Thanks!!!


Already give this app a try. I’m lovin’ it!
I can easily study (or in this case, review) all kanjis and vocabs without resetting my level anytime I want. And the plus is, I can also recommend the app to my friends using my own API key and no login required, so they are able to access WK database up to max level too.

Maybe putting a tutorial for first timers would be good too, as I only come to understand that swapping left and right has different results after trying it several times lol.

Keep up the good work!


Hi! Just so people know, it might be a while before I’m able to deliver more features to iOS. Apple rejected the last update because they don’t like people using API keys. I have to figure out if there’s a way around this. As far as I know the current version of the app hasn’t been taken down. This doesn’t affect the Android app, and I’ll be able to continue adding new features for that.


The Play Store link is broken for me: this one.
And I cannot find it in the store.
Did Google pulled it out?


Yeah, looks like it got taken down from the Play Store, thanks for letting me know. Google is telling me I need to modify my Play Store submission so that it has the privacy policy link ( I’ll fix that and hopefully it’ll be back up within 48h.


Urhg, dealing with Google and Apple sounds like a real PITA. Thanks for doing that for us.